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BakedGoods2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

An HD re-imagining of the original? Yes please.

dmixwell2694d ago

it sound like an hd collection of contra games." the're coming "

Kon2694d ago

PS3 exclusive... wait a sec.

creamsoda2694d ago

Ah I knew it was Contra when they said something about a classic fighting game.

Ahasverus2694d ago

Joke right? (If so, very funny!)

jacksonmichael2694d ago

He means because Contra isn't a fighting game. That's like calling Tekken a shooter.

dmixwell2694d ago

Contra is the $hit. want to see more

cr33ping_death2694d ago

ooohhh my bro is going to go crazy, he loves everything contra, he actually beat SHATTERED SOLDIER without dying on hard to get the other ending and if anyone played the game knows normal was hard enough.

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