India's Xbox Live will be better than everywhere else

Gaming Today reports:

Microsoft will be launching Xbox Live in India on November 5th, and from the looks of it, they're getting a pretty sweet deal. Speaking to the press in New Delhi, the company made a slew of announcements, including the simultaneous launch of Games for Windows Live, different XBL packages, accessories, and new features that will be added to the service. Soon after the launch, the Xbox Live Marketplace will also become available, which will include all games and media already available as well as some region specific content, such as Indian cartoons and Bollywood movies. Besides that, they've also partnered up with Seventymm, India's version of Netflix, to rent out Xbox 360 games to subscribers. But wait, there's more: India will also be the first country to receive educational content through Xbox Live in the form of "educational aids" for grades 1-12.

Gaming Today editor has never felt so envious of India before in his life...

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sak5004876d ago

Now how about getting LIVE here in Middle-east?

frank jaeger4876d ago

they didnt have live in india? no wonder there head over there dotis (the towels the wear around there legs) for this news!

nuff saidz

jay34875d ago

Dude, you're in the Middle East? Where? I used to live in Dubai until this year.

jay34875d ago

@ the 2 who Disagreed.

Yeah, you're right. I didn't live in Dubai. I was lying.

Salvadore4876d ago

IS the 360 selling well in India?

green_ghost54876d ago

Probably, anyways good for them. Now they can enjoy something great.

coolbeer19904876d ago

360 is selling great in india.. i live in the capital(new delhi) it is selling great ..last week it sold 37k units ....i think its more than enough ....and talking about live ....i own xbox 360 since october 2006 ...and i used to play on live since then....bu using USA xbox live ...i had no problem to use it in india ....but introducing live india ...they have made a good decision will be a way better than US live .....
because live india has been made new ..and everything will be d*** good
and yes ...bollywood movies ...and now we will be able to rent games ......ha ha ha INDIA RULEZ (no disputes)

BloodySinner4876d ago

For someone who claims to be living in India, your English is pretty good.


Don't post bullshit.

sak5004876d ago

NO their english is good but accent is bit off. I've had couple of indian gfs here and they spoke very well.

HateBoy4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

India was an english colony not so long ago. Hence a lot of people there speak english, but with funny accents...

Edit: @Below
Yes, u are right. Not trying to offend anyone. Sorry if I made it look that way. You should hear my (swedish) accent!
But to be completely honest, the Indian accent, together with the Jamaican and the french crack me up. Can't help it, just think its funny.

riksweeney4875d ago

They speak English with funny accents?

The Americans speak English with funny accents.
The Canadians speak English with funny accents.
The French speak English with funny accents.
The Welsh speak English with funny accents.
The Scottish speak English with funny accents.

The English speak English with funny accents.


Saint Sony4875d ago

WTF are you babbling about? People who can write almost proper English can't be from India?

Lol, that really tells a lot about you.
I am not from India, but I speak 4 different languages and yes, English is one that I had to learn. Thanks for good education in some countries.

ben hates you4875d ago

¿que otra lengua puedes hablar?
what other language can you speak?

Ares844875d ago

I can speek:
Magyar (Hungarian)
German (a little...but I'm ok)

frank jaeger4875d ago

i can speak

a lil russian
and only some chinese

lol plus ive got around 10 different accents lol and im only a 15 yr old dude..

nuff saidz

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coolbeer19904876d ago

if people think that India is a backward country ....then i must say that u r absolutely wrong....India...has an annual GDP of 3 TRILLION RUPEES

and we are among the countries have 4 richest people of the top 20 such as - Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani ,Laxmi mittal


WE HAVE NOW AN ANNUAL AVERAGE INCOME OF 10000$ per family ...which is very good ...

it is a very fast developing country ..

it will surpass the world most developed country by 2050 ..acc to economist

thats all i have to say

HateBoy4875d ago

I am sorry to say that you are very wrong my friend. First, GDP is not an accurate measure of economic development, besides, speak of dollars instead of rupees. Considering 1 USD = 39,47 Rupees, 3 trillion Rupees in GDP is not as impressive as it first sounds. Second, is the fact that 4 of the richest people in the world are from India even relevant considering around 30 % of the population is living in extreme poverty? And the rest aren't exactly rich either, you are aware that your country has one of the poorest populations in the world, right? And not, like they can't get a tv, like they can't get food. India does NOT have an average income of 10000 $, that's ridiculous. Perhaps you meant to say 1000$, in which case you are also wrong seeing as the per capita income is really of 800 USD. Taj Mahal is AWESOME, and the economic development of India is impressive (in relative terms, in absolute terms the development of INDIA is not even close to OECD countries, see, however it remains an extremely fragmented society, with DEEP cleaveges amongst social and economic groups, problems of illiteracy, child mortality and so on. Be proud of your country and culture for you have every reason to be it (been there, ROCKS), but realize that India is a country with serious problems and unless you (the people) realize this, progress will be slow. The prediction that India will surpass the most developed countries in 2050 is far far away from the truth. It will however be the most populous country in the world...

Tranz4875d ago

yea yea india does great on all the development charts and money charts. but the simple fact is there is a huge gap between rich and poor.

who cares about educational stuff on live?

coolbeer19904876d ago

we speak amazing english not gooodd........all the call centers are established in india due the reason that we speak good english ...we were colonized by britishers and got independence in 1947 ...that why ..we our very good english english os compulsory in all schools

i am in standard 10th ...high school and .. i used to go to usa ...and people were amazed to listen to our english

we are unlike china ....where very less people can speak english

dont u think my english is good ....because I have been studying english when we were in class 1st and now its 10 years of great hardwork ... please no more disputes

close the language topic is not related to this topic

You can check my profile at

if u dont believe that i am from india

psychotic_duck4876d ago

Now please stop bragging. India is nowhere near the United States. Most commonwealth countries have English as a second/third major language. This includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We can see that you can speak English, but no one asked for a history of your education. As for GDP, the United States beats India by about 13 trillion dollars. So don't even bother. Be grateful that for once, a large American company is actually bothering to cater to the needs of the Third World.

WilliamRLBaker4875d ago

I totally missed this must not be one of them fancy new better them american english speaking indians.

Cause like me there are so many grammar mistakes you have in your post.

wageslave4875d ago


I apologize for the psychotic_duck.

I am a Canadian living in USA. Psychotic duck is typical of the ignorant masses of xenophobes (people afraid and ignorant of other cultures) in the USA.

It is not correct to say that India has the wealth of America or Europe. I think America and Europe have taken much wealth until recently from South Asia, and I believe we can work together to make sure that there are no poor anywhere, in India, Europe, Canada or anywhere else.

Peace brother.

psychotic_duck4875d ago

You are the one displaying ignorance. You probably never have even visited South East Asia. You assume that I'm a xenophobe, but you don't know a thing about me. Your idealistic views blind you. Poverty is immortal. It would be wiser for the US and Europe to invest in something a bit more productive. Eliminating the current genocide in Darfur would be a start.

So yeah. Don't naturally assume I'm some neurotic supremacist, just because I told this zealot the truth about where his nation stands. It's the Third World, and it will remain there for quite some time.

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