Five Uses for Kinect in Mass Effect 3 writes, "Yesterday an image surfaced of a “Better With Kinect” box art for Mass Effect 3. Fanboys & fangirls erupted with various emotions, mostly considering of rage. While the game may seem like an odd fit for Kinect integration, we've thought up a few ideas that could at least make “sense” for the title."

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Sinkway2698d ago

I'm hearing that! way to spoil the end of the trilogy.

Reibooi2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Or 5 things you won't bother using your Kinect for in Mass Effect 3.

Seriously if this is real and they are using Kinect why did they bother? Mass Effect has been a top of the line series so far why would they ruin it with some cheap tacked on Kinect support just so MS can say SEE TOLD YOU WE WOULD HAVE HARDCORE GAMES.

Really it just ruins the image of the franchise.

Queefy_B2698d ago Show
Warprincess1162698d ago

Well if they do, they better add Move support. It would be unfair to us ps3 owners if they don't give us any bonus features.

GameOn2698d ago

Sometimes it's just like that, Look at the Batmam:AA content on PS3.

Kon2698d ago

Just like when ME2 was released on the PS3 with all the DLC on disc huh? Cry more

Neko_Mega2698d ago

Lame, the game would look worst. Because if you think about how big and awesome Mass Effect games look, adding Kinect they would have to downgrade how good it looks.

Besides I think being able to have it scan your face and put your face on your character would be more awesome.

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Redempteur2698d ago


seriously after playing mass effect i don't care about kinect.

RELOCATE the kinect ressources to make the environnement bigger , the animation smooter , and the special effects brighter .. Or just debug the game all you can .
that's all i'm asking ..WHO CARES ABOUT KINECT in mass effect ? It wasn't freaking needed ..

Agent_S2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Calm down man. Kinect will not take away resources from the CPU (see my comment just above yours). Also any Kinect features will be completely optional. So just ignore it if it bothers you that much.

While I do think this article is rather weak and uninspired, Bioware aren't into 'gimmicks' so i'm not worried at all.

Executive producer of the Mass Effect series Casey Hudson all but confirmed that one of the ways you will use Kinect, is to fly the Normandy. When he tweeted this about 2 hours ago "Can't comment on the Kinect rumors. On an unrelated note, I just flew to the Citadel and boy are my arms tired." The ability to take control of the Normandy with Kinect is quite appealing to me. But if its not your thing than just dont worry about it.

Redempteur2697d ago

There is no need for it.

There are some games that don't need motion controls .and mass effect is one of them .it doesn't matter how much ressources kinect uses , if it's true they WILL adapt and change the game tojustify motion controls.

Do i need motion controls in final fantasy ? NO..unless the game is built around it and mass effect clearly isn't .

rmedtx2698d ago

Hopefully they will not ruin this game by pushing Kinect support if there's no need for it. Then again... Maybe it will be a great experience.


I believe this will be optional. Looks like that the "better with Kinect" tag is the same as the "Playstation Move Compatible". Just a tag to remember that you can use extra accessories to expand the gameplay on some games.

I know you don't said "pushing Kinect" as if ME3 would require kinect to play, but considering this will be optional, I believe the main gameplay can (and most likely will) be kept the same... I don't think they would risk a million seller franchise over a experience with Kinect.

Also, there is a big possibility that Kinect isn't used on the basic gameplay as the main controller 'cause so far we haven't seen anything from Kinect to show it working with shooter movements (walk in any way, turn sideways and up/down) which is the basics on ME gameplay.

I think they'll either use it on main story for menus navigation (conversation with NPCs, general set up, puzzles, etc) or have exclusive extra content designed for it.

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