Call of Duty 3 First Look

Call of Duty 2 was easily the Xbox 360's star title when Microsoft's new console was released late last year. Even now, nearly a year on thousands of gamers go online to reenacted moments from World War II or just to brag about how good they are with a Lugar at close range, but now theres a new kid on the block and it goes by the name of Call of Duty 3.

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Marriot VP5875d ago

how many first looks are we gonna have

PS360PCROCKS5875d ago

as many as we need...ok so about the story, two words: HELL YEAH

DG5875d ago

My only gripe with COD2 was the graphics so this should be a sick game.

TheXgamerLive5875d ago

And then to be an at release title is totally sick. No complaints here, but yeah COD3 should be the icing on the cake, but with blood in it:))

An Den....An Den....An Den....NO An Den!!!!

MySwordIsHeavenly5872d ago

It's a completely different team doing COD3 though. You have to take that into account. If you compare it to COD2, which was EPIC, you may be underwhelmed. COD2 was a rare gem. There's already TOO MANY WWII games out there!!!

That's why some of us are getting Resistance!