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Istanbull2722d ago

Awesome! These games are so expensive on ebay! Glad I can buy them cheaper on PS3!

Black-Helghast2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

And Xbox 360...Konami are making the remakes on both consoles now, I guess. If they did it with the MGS collection why not with the Silent Hill one?

AntoineDcoolette2722d ago

Fvck yes! I've been having such a great day now my three favorite PS2 series are getting HD remakes with trophy support! Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, and Silent Hill!! I've been dreaming of these announcements ever since the first PS2 HD remake!!! The only way this day could get better is if a hot girl knocked on my door with pizza and beer.

captain-obvious2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

those are old games

who that hell didn't play SH or MGS up tell now ??

SuperLupe2715d ago

Im 21 years old and I have never played a Silent Hill game so might be giving this a try. On the other hand Ive played every MGS game except for the ones on PSP but will still be getting the MGS collection.

sikbeta2715d ago

It's good to have more collections remastered, welcome SH :P

malamdra2715d ago

great news, Resident Evil is more famous but these two games pretty much define what survival horror is

now the one that's still missing the Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII collection

phinch2715d ago

Ive heard the HD collection was only for ps3

EVILDEAD3602715d ago

Who cares about 3? Give me Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 and I'm sold. Those were the scariest by far.

This whole HD movement is really getting me excited. I will freakin' have a seizure if they announce the Fatal Frame HD collection.


lil Titan2715d ago

im wondering if all these remakes are gonna have trophies/achievements. i mean God of War remakes did so would these have trophies/achievements?

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Cloudberry2715d ago

I want Metal Gear 2 & 3 + Peace Walker HD Edition, and it came true.

I want Silent Hill Collection of 2, 3, and 4, and it also came true, minus Silent Hill 4 that is...

Now all that's left is...

* Devil May Cry Trilogy HD.

* Final Fantasy X, X2, XII HD.

* Onimusha Trilogy + Dawn Of Dreams HD.

Come on CAPCOM, Square Enix...

malamdra2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

DMC 2 sucked and the first one would look too dated now

and the first two Onimusha games had static backgrounds, I don't think we need them in HD

turgore2715d ago

well maybe you can play silent hill 4 on a PC. And yeah, I really want DMC.

starcb262715d ago

Sony really started something with their first collection.

Jaces2715d ago

Why not Silent Hill? Unless I'm missing a recent announcement of a lone Silent Hill remake...still though 2 and 3 is pretty awesome being how I've yet to play any of them out of fear.

I'm older now so hopefully I'll be able to handle it, lol!

ReservoirDog3162715d ago

Just buy SH1 on the ps store for $5. There's only so much they could've upgraded a PS1 game. Apparently it looks bad.

I just wonder what happened to SH4.

Jaces2715d ago

I did one better and bought the actual game.

Everything's in great condition except on the top of the disc is some kind of sticker residue...nothing goo gone won't fix :D

Bought it awhile ago but I was hoping for a remastered one, forgot they can't do that with PS1 games. ;P

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ThichQuangDuck2722d ago

I guess collections is the new backwards compatible.

GameOn2722d ago

I dont like the idea of buying the same game each gen, even if it's in bigger and bigger collections.

ThichQuangDuck2722d ago

Me too but since there is no backwards compatibility when I want to play games like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory-amazing multiplayer, Shadow of Colossus-Amazing adventure title, MGS3-Amazing singleplayer TPS, Resident Evil 4- Favorite horror game. I have to reinvest I guess it is worth it to support the classics ,but at the same time I want more classics on this generation that are new IPs

jahcure2715d ago

Nintendo been doing this since the SNES with the mario all stars collection. This isn't exactly a new concept..nor is it one that's going away

ThatArtGuy2715d ago

I think Dragon's Lair has almost been on every system since 1985.

CernaML2722d ago


Tdmd2715d ago

Now light a cigar and get ready for a nap. lol

Dan502722d ago

Where is Silent Hill 1?

cooperdnizzle2722d ago

A you really cant remake a ps1 game. Even if ya did put it in hd it would just make it look worse. So go buy silent hill one. Hhahah

ThePsychoGamer2722d ago

There probably going to release it as a PS1 Classic/possible arcade game around the time this collection comes out.

interrergator2722d ago

silent hill 1 is already on the psn store

bloodybutcher2715d ago

yes it is.and it looks and plays terribly:D really, some games don´t age very well...oh well,since i´ve never played sh2 then it will be my chance^^

rob60212722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

PS1 games didn't have a Z buffer, which if you've ever played an emulator on PC when you blow up the graphics to higher resolutions they shift around unnaturally - it's almost better to keep the original low resolution they were used with.

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