E3 2011 Anticipation | TitanReviews

E3 is less than a week away and TitanReviews breaks down some of thier most anticipated games to be shown at E3 2011.

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Op242698d ago

Cannot wait till this starts. Hopefully it's way better than last years. Hopefully it goes above and beyond 2009's show.

Spartacus54052698d ago

I'm looking forward to BF3, resistance3, uncharted 3, and unfortunately, mw3. I just wanna see if activation can pull through and make a good CoD, the characters in MW are pretty interesting it's just all the BS that ruins the fun

Menech2698d ago

Stop trying to make excuses, Activision has you addicted to a terrible game.

Don't feel bad though, my friends excuse for owning every COD game is "everyone buys me them as gifts"