E3: EEDAR analyst on Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony

Destructiod: "Last Monday I asked Jesse Divnich, Vice President at EEDAR -- a company devoted to videogame analytics, research, and forecasting -- for his thoughts on what the Big Three console manufacturers may, and should, bring to the table at E3."

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sourav932784d ago

Damn that picture is creepy!

GfxPipeline2784d ago

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo can manage to strike gold two times in a row. If they just release nothing more than a Wii in HD it is going to be a major letdown.

Sony's E3 looks like it is going to be yet another epic show with hours of massive exclusives thanks to their total graphical dominance and massive 21 first party studios.

Not sure why Microsoft is even showing up this year. The 360 is in last place and has nothing but downgraded PC ports being dumped on it.