E3 Approaches: It's anybody's game

Destructoid: "2011 is a year that will define gaming for a good long while, but this year is also a turning point for the future. With consoles looking like they're reaching the end of their life cycles, game series wrapping up, and the war between the "Big Three" getting ever-more intense, E3 2011 is not a beast to be overlooked. E3 2011 is an open book. E3 2011 is the year we could see the next "Halo". The next "Call of Duty". The next "Elder Scrolls".

E3 2011 could be any of the Big Three's Big Moment, folks, and we are NOT going to want to miss whatever they're showing."

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Silly gameAr2695d ago

It's anybodies game but hey, here's a Steve Balmer pic since it totally relates to the story.

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dgroundwater2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

He's ready to fight. That's his fighting stance.

MS has the most to prove IMO. They will need to surprise us to win anyone over. And not just sequels or Halo 4.

Shok2695d ago

It's between Sony and Nintendo actually. NOTHING can top reveals/detailing of new consoles. That's the cream of the crop when it comes to E3 goodies. So unless Microsoft has a system to unveil themselves, it's not their game.

That's not to say that they can't have a good conference, just saying.

Chocoboh2694d ago

Yeah it's pretty much between Sony and Nintendo. Maybe Sega will announce Dreamcast 2 ... lol I kid, but it would be hilarious. Microsoft pls stick to developing Windows 8

GLoRyKnoT2694d ago

"It's anybody's game" lol more like A game to get our money that works every time. just as long as it never stops ill have no complaints.

Long live gaming! Hope they all do well :)

rks892694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Well to be fair, everyone counted Nintendo out last year after two average showings ( 08 was crap, 09 was okay), and look what happened then. They suprised everyone and had an awesome showing for their fanbase. Microsoft could very well do the same thing and surprise everyone. But they could also screw up again badly.

But ya right now, it is between Sony and Nintendo. With the exclusives along with the NGP to show off, and with the new console for Nintendo, they're both looking to have great press conferences.

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The story is too old to be commented.