Sassy Catwoman screens introduce Kyle’s sidekicks

Four brand new feline-themed Batman: Arkham City screenshots have been released. Not only do they show Catwoman at her bendy best but also suggest she'll get her own gang.

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Warprincess1162693d ago

Catwoman looked cooler when she was black. This version looks horrible.

Deanways2692d ago

I think Halle's incarnation of Selina Kyle was a bit of a blip in Catwoman's history. Rocksteady's Feline of Thievery is m8ch more in keeping with DC's vision. Especially the most current versions.

GusBricker2692d ago

This is Batman, I want to play as Batman.

Fuck Catwoman.

Deanways2692d ago

Are you mental Gus? Catwoman is only 10% of the game and don't you think it adds a nice new dimension anyway?

Bay2692d ago

I don't care who I play as, as long as it's good. I personally like both Batman and Catwoman, so it's all good.

Deanways2692d ago

And it will be. Still Catwoman is a bit of a curve ball when you think everyone was talking about Robin and Nightwing as possible playable characters.