Q&A: Naughty Dog on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells on completing work on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, how much of the PS3's power is being used by the game, what resolutions the game supports, and the inevitable comparisons with Tomb Raider.

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ATLRoAcH4874d ago

Even Wells is awesome.I've been going to the US Playstation Blog since it was started.It felt like a shout out when he mentioned that the Blog helped them notice things they hadn't thought of (1080i support).I with many other people on the Blog have asked Even Wells questions and he answered in minutes.The Playstation Blog is really helping getting us the gamers views to Sony and the developers.Uncharted is a game made by some very talented people and is a must buy for PS3 owners and the reason I decided to go ahead and become a PS3 owner myself.This will be a great game.

marinelife94874d ago

There only using between 33 and 50 percent of the cell even with all that tasty goodness going on?

IdontTakeSides4874d ago

Yes indeed I seriously can't wait for this game to come out...won't think too hard about it....nice read..!!

DJ4874d ago

"literally within the hour we had 1080i support up to take care of all those people."

Either RSX is set up really well or this team is extremely good at what they do. Might be both.

kingboy4874d ago

yea that was pretty rapid considering the petite time frame used in achieving that.I believe they`v mastered out the RSX architecture to the max just like Team Guerrilla and a few other first parties

Close_Second4874d ago be a stellar title on the PS3.

I'm always intrigued by comments about how much power is being used given it took over two years to develop the game. Obviously the PS3 has much untapped potential but what's it going to cost to start using all that potential?!?

patriotZero4874d ago

Wow Ps3's %30 - %50 of power..PS3 Rullezz

felman874874d ago

Using 2-3 of the processors. Even Killzone only uses 4 at most (same with FF13) so you can get some kind of idea of what lies in the future. Also, you get better at programming as you gain experience. (LVL UP!)

Shankle4874d ago

Hah bubbles for you felman!

Bebedora4874d ago

I've read if the EDGE tool is used, the code is divided through all six SPEs.
(Help, DJ?)

HowarthsNJ4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

I think all SPE's are used, but at varied capacities. The data is farmed out to them equally. Packets go to whichever SPE is ready to take it.

So when they say "50%", they mean all SPE's functioning at 50% of their full load capacity.

DJ4874d ago

and concentrating on those while engineers for their next title try and figure out how to use the rest of the Cell cores. That's how Guerilla is doing it, rather than trying to use all 6 SPEs from the getgo. There's no right or wrong way to learn Cell; it just depends on the engineers each team has. Heavenly Sword, for example, already uses all 6 SPEs.

The EDGE tools show how much they're pushing the SPEs on a per-cycle basis (their performance can be directly measured by EDGE) which is why they can even state in interviews "We're pushing between 30 and 50% of the architecture." It's a big variance, but you'll find out when you play the game that there was a LOT of work done with water physics and animation.

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