Toonstruck enhanced iOS bound

Toonstruck, the underrated 1996 point n' click adventure title starring Christopher Lloyd is finally getting a enhanced re-release later this year. The development of the project is been done by PCB Productions which is owned by the games original music Director Keith Arem after a fan petition was started in August last year.

Trevor Greer, a friend of Arems, confirmed on the Toonstruck two facebook page the following details as quoted;

"My father and Keith both worked at Virgin and they are overseeing the project. As well as this, I play a part of this project. The re-enhanced version is beginning to gain momentum and we are in the process of gathering all the old data from the original source code."

Greer also answered some fan questions most notably mentioning that a iOS version of the game is in development first for iPhone/iPad. A PC & Mac release may happen soon after depending on its success. More info and some footage of the enhanced edition will be shown at this yea...

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The Tingler2791d ago

It better get a damn PC release!

Rosstifer17122791d ago

This is where we come in, the more people buy it, the more chance that it will come to PC and the more it sells on the PC will mean that Toonstruck 2 will finally see the light of day.

I think they doing the same thing that happened with the Broken Sword remastered editions

_LarZen_2790d ago

Day one buy for my sexy iPad

Rosstifer17122788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This is the link to the group if the one on the story didn't work, someone registered this as Spam which is BS cause its legit news and all the info is on the wall of that group since actual members of the original development team are on there.

If this doesn't work best thing would be to login to Facebook first then click on the link but all the info is on there under Trevor Greers wall post.