Super Mario Galaxy: Demo Cam Gameplay

New footage of one of the game's early bosses and more...

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Capt CHAOS4874d ago

Mario in leathers, now, THAT might be interesting..

I know the Mario character is very popular.. I just wish I could join in the excitement.

gamesblow4874d ago

Man, Nintendo sure has nailed that Last Gen look down finally! Galaxy looks like the best Gamecube game ever made! My take on this one... It looks disorientating, annoying, obnoxious and it looks tedious. No thanks.

nirwanda4874d ago

nobody can say this is same old last gen stuff because nobody has ever played a game like this to me this is more next gen than same old ratchet and clank which looks like it has identical gameplay to it predecessors.

this may just sell me a wii

gamesblow4874d ago

Funny how the mechanics and whole concept was ripped right out of R&C's games... Deny all you want, Insomniac had the 1st game with planet to planet spherical traversal. You can't argue this fact. Nintendo can say they had the concept back in the 90's or the 80's... Fact remains, Insomniac utilized it 1st. Simple and clean. So right their the gimmick seems used like a prostitute at an Aids clinic.

nirwanda4874d ago

that all the environments can manipulated with the wii remote from simple stuff like shaking the flowers to get coins out to no dought more complex physics based puzzels where ratchet is more a cartoon shooter linear level design unlike the more sandbox level design of a mario game

Basch4874d ago

what's with all the comparisons to Ratchet & Clank? It strikes me as rather odd to suggest that the two have anything in common bar the art style (tenuous link at best) and the space theme (pfft, who's to say Insomniac didn't steal from Bungie, then?), let alone that one is better than the other....

gamesblow4874d ago

Do yourself a favor...

Read it. Look at the pics and understand. You two clearly ahve no concept of what R&C games are all about. It's painfully obvious. It wasn't an on the rails game, snorks. It's an open ended go where you wanna go game. Read the blog.

nirwanda4874d ago

of a company not innovating and sticking to something that they know were as every mario game takes chances and does something different I could have used lots of other examples like madden or gran turismo or whole number of games that have only improved in graphic to keep to fan base.

Kudos to little big planet team for trying something new

Basch4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

gamesblow, these are tenuous correlations at best. In other games' favour, I could easily assert that Novalis is a planet; the Final Fantasy series has been making a point of using named planets since its conception – and that Ratchet & Clank is therefore stealing. Or that Blackwater City is often seen at night: a concept nicked from the cities of Treno AND Midgar from the aforementioned series. Or that the idea of having an array of weaponry at your disposal is stolen from Tomb Raider.

OR I could argue that since Mario 64 pretty much wrote the platforming rulebook, Ratchet & Clank has been stealing since its development began.

Regarding your blog – I'd reconsider that background if I were you, unless you want to remove your charming slogan "GAMESBLOW The one stop you need to take for all your 100% unbiased videogame insight!"first.

Oh, and smash hit? I've never heard of you....

dork07834874d ago

I wonder if NINTENDO was HIGH when they made this game LOL! either way I LOVE IT it looks next-gen to me I got to play this game "BAKED".

ItsDubC4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

lol I actually had a similar thought when I first saw the gameplay of SMG. The whole jumping and flying to and on celestial bodies with different themes, shapes, and sizes seemed so far-fetched and odd that it struck me as almost a drug-induced idea. And yet it is the perfectly-natural progression of a Mario-themed platform game. The Mario universe is fantastical in and of itself, and the gameplay mechanics of SMG only seem to compliment and improve upon it.

I would've loved to play this game "baked" if it had come out years ago but this game seems to be really fun regardless of sobriety level.

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