GotGame: PSP Remasters: What I Want #2

"Should Kratos’ handheld battles make the transition to high definition?

Sony has announced that they will be bringing certain PlayStation Portable titles to the PS3 in the near future, each containing a high resolution facelift and new console-specific features such as 3D. No titles have been announced for North America yet, but I decided to take the initiative and attempt to determine which PSP games are the most likely to receive an overhauled re-release."

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user8586212693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Birth by sleep, god of war, crisis core *thinks of other good psp games*.... ahh gta, then I can trade in my psp

tweet752693d ago

id rather have great new additions to series rather than remasters. I always believe portable games are made with portables in mind. You loose something when they are moved over.