Zelda 25th anniversary reveal all but confirmed for E3

A new hint practically confirms that Nintendo will be making an announcement at E3 for Zelda's anniversary.

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Shok2792d ago

Sakurai, reveal a new Smash Bros!

jacksonmichael2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I read somewhere that he handed it off to another group. That could be true, seeing as he said Melee was his favorite and he hasn't enjoyed working on the series since. He also expressed his frustrations with the legal aspects of third party characters. All of this could point to a Smash Bros game with an incredible roster. Oh, and he was also against downloadable characters, so there's that, too.

Oh! Right! Zelda! I don't really care much what gets released for the anniversary. I'll buy it either way.:P

pcz2791d ago

i dont care about this zniiversary. i will get it but im not excited about it.

i think the only thing that will make me raise an eyebrow is if they put the ocarina of time 3ds remake on the disc. then it will be worth it.

otherwise i know for certain it will be another half hearted-quick cash-in- easy money package, just like mario allstars 'anniversary'

slaton242791d ago

they also remake these games for the new generation of gamers who had never had the chance to play these great games so remakes have a reason to be made and so do the collections