Uncharted 3: Collector’s Edition, Pre-Order Details for North America

Posted by Arne Meyer: We’ve gotten a lot of questions via our blog comments, Facebook Wall posts and Twitter asking if there will be a Collector’s Edition of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception when the game is released in November 2011. Today, we can reveal the answer as a very definite YES for our fans in North America!

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LolololRumz2696d ago

Reminds me alot of the infamous 2 hero edition. It's quite nice, depends on the price though

BiggCMan2696d ago

I hate this separate store bullshit man. Although i'm pretty sure you will be able to unlock this stuff in the game as you progress in it, its still annoying as hell. I remember with Uncharted 2 there was a golden AK-47 from Best Buy which you couldn't unlock at all, I hope its not like that with this one.

jdfoster002696d ago

it's 99$, acording to IGN anyway. I think =p

showtimefolks2696d ago

for infamous 2 but that's it

i am not that big into special editions


Same here, i wanted hero edition but i have bills to pay. But this one i'll have to make an exception for and if Twisted Metal has one. My girl is getting me the resistance 3 collectors edition, so hopefully we get what the PAL region is getting.

metsgaming2696d ago

me to because i dont find many games that i would actually go and buy the collectors edition. Plus many of the are full of junk, like just art books a statue and a bunch of dlc. Love the uncharted collectors edition the ring is what i wanted most and we get his belt buckle. This will be my first Collectors edition, on of the only games i find that its worth spending $100 for.

just_looken2696d ago

so know one is pissed about the cod style bonus's and super regen health?. I for 1 is totally pissed and might not pick this up now

Stewie2k82696d ago

Even if the multiplayer is **** i'd still buy this for the story, i can actually put up with COD so i definitly wont mind UC3 mp.

metsgaming2696d ago

yea im kind of mad about some of the things they are doing to the MP like more perks,medal kickbacks, running. But the SP will be amazing and they added more coop which i love.

BiggCMan2696d ago

I understand what just_looken is saying. It won't stop me from buying the game, but I may not play the multiplayer as much as I did, or still do with 2. They are doing what Guerilla did with Killzone 3. They are catering to the Call of Duty fan base and trying to be a bit more like that, and its just not necessary. I could tell just from the multiplayer reveal trailer that it would be different, and much more fast paced. Then once I saw more gameplay footage from the event they had a few weeks ago, I was even more sure it was gonna be like that. Still, we will see what it is like when the beta hits soon. I hope i'm not disappointed.

just_looken2696d ago

thank you BiggcMan finally someone that sees my point not some sheep disagreeing.

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DarkBlood2696d ago

a steelbook!!! sweet collecters edition day one preorder buy for me wooooot.

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The story is too old to be commented.