Survey -- Gamers Express Greater Early Interest in NGP Over Wii 2

Andriasang writes "Have you cast your Yea or Nea for or against a Wii 2 or NGP purchase? Then what the hell is wrong with you -- we still don't know much about either system!"

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Shok2698d ago

"we still don't know much about either system!"

We know a lot about the NGP, actually.

SilentNegotiator2698d ago

Another HD system that will likely get trapped between generations *cough*Dreamcast*cough* or a handheld that is capable of playing games in near HD system quality?

Frankly, I doubt much new info will change what I'd prefer.
I'll take the latter.

slavish32698d ago

we know nothing about wii 2 so bad survey

Shok2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Exactly. And I know people will come in here talking about "HAHA nobody even cares about the next Nintendo system even the NGP owns it" when we haven't even seen the thing.

We know the NGP will be running a Quad-core processor and will bring us amazing handheld graphics, along with 3G, daul analogues, Android, etc.


A system we know nothing about.

VampiricDragon2698d ago

we really dont know anything about the ngp either. really

PshycoNinja2698d ago

NGP = Nintendo Got Pwned

so its entirely possible. Haha I am just kidding, I agree this survay is stupid. It would be more relevant to do a survay AFTER E3, not before.

A7XEric2698d ago

I don't understand how anyone could care more about a handheld than a new console, especially a Nintendo console which is bound to shake up the current paradigm.

soljah2698d ago

maybe its because it more wii. say what u want but its a wii hd . the console that should have been launched 5 yrs ago

qface642698d ago

i actually like handhelds more than home consoles now

i have more hours on my DS than all of the 3 home consoles combined

SuperM2697d ago

I am generally more interested in new high tech hardware. Not cheap and old tech that nintendo has been bringing out lately. I could be excited for the nintendo console if they show some new really good looking games, but i already own a HD console and a PC so i dont really need another unless its significantly more advanced then the consoles we already have. I highly doubt that will happen coming from nintendo.

A portable machine that can play the same kind of quality games as on consoles does sound good to me though. Especially with that amazing 5inch OLED screen.

VampiricDragon2698d ago

we dont know a single thing about this system

I wanted to see what the wii poll was like........

yugioh1002698d ago

"Early Interest in NGP Over Wii 2"

wonder how much of that will be left after the $400 + price point lol, and there is no such thing as wii 2 retards.

supremacy2698d ago

Its 400+ the price point, the price point of the new Nintendo console?

lol you are so full of it. Relax the ngp will be just fine and i am sure so will Nintendo's next offering.

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