New, Great , Expensive Logitech wheel for GT5

Didn't like GT3 as much as I thought I would. Or GT4, for that matter. Little dry. But boy, that Logitech wheel that came with them, that thing was great. Best wheel ever. Course it also cost a packet, but hey, authenticity comes with a price. Which brings us to this. Logitech's GT25, which has everything the discerning PS3 racing fan needs: 900-degree rotation, force feedback, a six-speed manual gearstick and even a clutch pedal.

gamesR4fun5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

Out of my range with xmas on the horizon :(

Man even the pedals look hard core.

vaan5811d ago

I'm afraid that's a serious chunk of dollar that I need for a 1080p lcd.

Given that the native resolution of a 1080p tv is ....well 1080p lol, how does 720p look on these screens? I'm asking this because in the short term, most games are being banged out in 720p, and I know in the digital screen world native res is everything. Is it crisp at lower res?

Hutchy5811d ago

I own a Samsung 40" 1080p. To be honest the games look fine, dare I say an unnoticeable difference. I believe the difference will be more apparent on larger TVs than mine however.

I will say Blurays look pin sharp at 1080p though, well worth getting the 1080p model. I could have had a 46" 720 or 40" 1080p. I went for quality rather than quantity.

gamesR4fun5811d ago

yep fact is you cant see the difference between 1080p and 720p on anything less than a 42'

bumnut5811d ago

but the 900 degree rotation sounds cool. it would be just like a real car instead of half a turn to full steering lock like most wheels.

that would not work so well will gt5 because race cars don't have 900 degree rotation, it is half a turn to be full steering lock.

it would be cool if they made a new hard drivin game though.

THC CELL5811d ago

wait wat wait a clutch as well

that is awesome people could learn to drive on this stuff

expect kids stealing cars alot more lol

mark095811d ago

If they can afford to buy this wheel then they can probably afford a car as well.

nekon5811d ago

I was surprised when I saw this first sneak through over at Kotaku. There is nothing new here this is nothing more then a G25. All the features they DO list are exactly the same as the G25. The photos they use are of the G25. Nothing new here, they messed up. Oh and the price is wrong, it can be had for under $275 USD shipped.

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PlayStation 3: chasing the 1080p dream, part three - Gran Turismo 5 and the indie explosion

From Digital Foundry: "Welcome to the third part in the biggest DF Retro episode we've ever produced - a year-by-year look at how 1080p gaming fared on the PlayStation 3. Launched in 2007 touting its then-exclusive HDMI digital interface, Sony layered full HD gaming on top of its Cell processor and RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' as key selling points for its third generation console. Of course, we all know how that turned out - both Sony and Microsoft machines routinely ran the most advanced titles at sub-720p resolutions, often with questionable performance, so what happened to the 1080p dream?

In the first two parts of John Linneman's investigation, we've covered off the first four years of the Triple's lifecycle and moving into 2010, the overall fortunes of the PlayStation 3 continued to improve. The platform holder released - what was then - the most advanced motion controller in the console space, backed up by experiments with stereoscopic 3D, which turned out to be a short-lived but still formidable pairing. Combined with a strong E3 showing, PS3 was looking good.

However, it's fair to say that it was a fallow year for 1080p gaming on the system, with only Scott Pilgrim Saves The World's razor-sharp pixel art upscaling, Castle Crashers and Soldner X2's 3D/FMV stylings accommodating full HD output - alongside a wonderful Monkey Island remaster."

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ApocalypseShadow424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Just remember ladies and gentlemen, Sony never said all games would be 1080p. Only that the system would support games up to 1080p in a survey before the system was released.
And as we saw, some games did support it, some games tried their best to support it and some games didn't or never reached it.

Is a higher resolution great to have if you can do it? Sure. Is it necessary for a fun game? No

But what I find interesting is Eurogamer. Are they really talking about HD and PS3 in their article or are they really pushing their 4.50 Euros 4K video download subscription? Seems one is being used to sell the other. Just look at the bottom of the article.

Michiel1989424d ago

thats what every company tries to do, push for people to buy their products. Are you really gonna blame them for that?

ApocalypseShadow424d ago

Not all articles are about selling. They're about informing or entertaining.

Maybe I'm supposed to watch the video instead of reading. But I shouldn't have to click. But the article lazily tells us some games did hit 1080p and some didn't. I didn't learn anything new as I own the console. Then, they push a Patreon subscription.

Are you saying every opinion, preview, review and rant article requires a push to buy something now? Tell me which sites are prone to do so so that I can avoid them in the future.

Michiel1989424d ago

not everyone played during the ps3 era. I started during snes era but loved seeing articles/videos about how gaming evolved before that.

i dont think this article is trying to push you to get that patreon sub, it doesnt for me at least. I dont think theres anything wrong putting an ad at the bottom of the article. all the regular DF videos are free already.

SonyStyled424d ago

Wipeout HD on PS3, a remake of the PS1 game was 1080p 60fps. And that released in 2007-08

Christopher424d ago

This really feels like a filler article. I don't feel like I learned anything notable or substantial from this. I feel they could have reduced the unnecessary intro and over-explanation of things and put the whole series in one article for a more substantial and possibly informative piece rather than piece-mealing it out as they have.

dumahim424d ago

It's more about the video. DF Retro videos are for Patreon members first, and I think the whole thing was one big video. For the youtube channel, it gets chopped up and released weekly.

ApocalypseShadow424d ago

Chris is actually right on this one. Something known already was just kind of washed over in the article. Unless you're supposed to get more in the video. If more is in the video, then more could have been said in the article.

Only thing I learned new was that they are selling a subscription. My point though is that you gain more viewers by having better articles and content.

421d ago

What Happened To Gran Turismo?

When thinking about simulation racing games in this console generation, it’s not unreasonable for your first thought to be “Forza”. Microsoft’s first-party sim-racer series has been wildly successful, and for many of us, it’s been the go-to franchise for quite some time. But simulation racing games weren’t always synonymous with Forza; there was a time when Polyphony Digital’s hardcore series, Gran Turismo, reigned supreme. While the long-time franchise continues to sell exceptionally well, there’s no doubt that it isn’t the young, spry series it used to be.

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darthv721491d ago

It doesnt suck but I would love to see a return to form with GT7. Sport is such a departure that it can turn some people off. It has gotten better over time but it's still no match for a proper GT7.

Rude-ro1491d ago

Sport is awesome for what it is...
However, polygon built a whole new engine and the tech is still being worked on...
I understand it is easy to praise a cookie cutter because it release the same game over and over with rotations of maps and cars...
But this engine polygon has designed does more for things other than gaming.

Repetitive old engines with new makeup does not make anyone king.

Gt7 will be most likely in two years with 120fps and ray tracing because their new engines are ready now.