New, Great , Expensive Logitech wheel for GT5

Didn't like GT3 as much as I thought I would. Or GT4, for that matter. Little dry. But boy, that Logitech wheel that came with them, that thing was great. Best wheel ever. Course it also cost a packet, but hey, authenticity comes with a price. Which brings us to this. Logitech's GT25, which has everything the discerning PS3 racing fan needs: 900-degree rotation, force feedback, a six-speed manual gearstick and even a clutch pedal.

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gamesR4fun4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Out of my range with xmas on the horizon :(

Man even the pedals look hard core.

vaan4881d ago

I'm afraid that's a serious chunk of dollar that I need for a 1080p lcd.

Given that the native resolution of a 1080p tv is ....well 1080p lol, how does 720p look on these screens? I'm asking this because in the short term, most games are being banged out in 720p, and I know in the digital screen world native res is everything. Is it crisp at lower res?

Hutchy4881d ago

I own a Samsung 40" 1080p. To be honest the games look fine, dare I say an unnoticeable difference. I believe the difference will be more apparent on larger TVs than mine however.

I will say Blurays look pin sharp at 1080p though, well worth getting the 1080p model. I could have had a 46" 720 or 40" 1080p. I went for quality rather than quantity.

gamesR4fun4881d ago

yep fact is you cant see the difference between 1080p and 720p on anything less than a 42'

bumnut4881d ago

but the 900 degree rotation sounds cool. it would be just like a real car instead of half a turn to full steering lock like most wheels.

that would not work so well will gt5 because race cars don't have 900 degree rotation, it is half a turn to be full steering lock.

it would be cool if they made a new hard drivin game though.

THC CELL4881d ago

wait wat wait a clutch as well

that is awesome people could learn to drive on this stuff

expect kids stealing cars alot more lol

mark094881d ago

If they can afford to buy this wheel then they can probably afford a car as well.

nekon4881d ago

I was surprised when I saw this first sneak through over at Kotaku. There is nothing new here this is nothing more then a G25. All the features they DO list are exactly the same as the G25. The photos they use are of the G25. Nothing new here, they messed up. Oh and the price is wrong, it can be had for under $275 USD shipped.

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