Final Fantasy Type-0 and Kingdom Hearts 3D Won't be at E3

If you're looking forward to information on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or Final Fantasy Type-0, it looks like you'll be out of luck for E3. Square Enix confirmed the titles that would be at E3, and these two handheld games were nowhere in sight.

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PHOSADRA2698d ago

I'm still waiting simply for Kingdom Hearts 3....

WooHooAlex2698d ago

Square-Enix is failing all over the place.

Just give us Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy vs.XIII already!

Neo Nugget2698d ago

If I had to choose, I would definitely take KH3 and vs13 over KH3D and type 0.

But I really want all four :P

RedDead2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I ain't really a fan of KH....but i'd prefer KH over every new S-E game besides Versus Xiii. Nomura is the only one giving out quality products in S-E since S-E was forged in the pits of hell. Type-0 looks good aswell but we will see.

I don't really liek KH due to well the cheesy side of it, it's too kiddy for me, and i'm a Naruto fan for christs sake. That's why i'm looking forward to Versus anyway, it's basically a mature version of Kingdom Hearts...with a world map. And of course Yoko Shimumura is a great artist, love her music. One of the best things about KH is the music.

For anyone who does like KH, Nomura considers Versus a test for KH3 aswell, to get used to what he can and can't do with the Ps3 and some new battle system elements. So get hyped for it. Bound to be great

Lucreto2698d ago

Any word if versus XIII is going to be there.

I expect a 360 release fot it as well.