Sony raises targets for PSP, PS2

Tokyo, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Sony Corp said on Thursday it is raising its PlayStation Portable sales target for the year to next March to 10 million units the previous estimate of 9 million.

It also raised it sales target for the PlayStation 2 game console for the current business year to 12 million units from 10 million.

Sony kept unchanged its PlayStation3 sales target of 11 million units for the current year.

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whateva4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

PS2 will sell as long as the Wii and PSP is on the market, easy ports for the win and what happen to all the people who said the PSP fail.

supermandead6664876d ago

Personally, with ps3 new SKU and a great holiday line up of games, i personally think SONY should slowly cut down on PS2 production and migrate PS2 gamer to PS3.

dale14875d ago

ps2 and psp are selling quick here in the uk ps3 60gb are like rocking horse sh*t and the 40 gb isn,t doing to bad need to bundle a couple of games with that and it will fly out

Captain Tuttle4875d ago

The last thing Sony needs to do is sell more PS2's. They should concentrate on the PS3.

Rooftrellen4875d ago

The problem with that thinking is that the PS2 is cheap, as a lot of games at an affordable price, and, if you're just catching up, has a lot of movies it can play at an affordable price.

The PS3 is expensive, has games that cost up to $60, and has a format that may or may not be the HD format winner, and, regardless, has expensive movies.

They target totally different groups of consumers, so not everyone who would buy a PS2 would buy a PS3, and not every PS2 owner will go on to buy a PS3, either.

In this way, Sony is stuck in a tough spot, but I would think the better business plan is to keep going with the PS2 either until the PS4 comes around or the PS3 can hit the magical $200 price point.

Captain Tuttle4875d ago

that Sony needs the revenue stream from the PS2 to keep bringing money into the gaming division. I completely agree with you that Sony is stuck in a tough spot. But to raise the targets on the PS2 is crazy...they should be phasing it out. I don't mean stop supporting it tomorrow but they should wind down production over the next 1 or 2 years.

DrRage774875d ago

does anyone else find it troubling that sony raises its forecast for the ps2, while leaving sales forecasts for the ps3 unchanged, even after the price drop???

it might be time for sony to stop production of the ps2, even though it is making money for them, there are way too many people that are going out and purchasing a ps2 instead of jumping into the next gen and buying a ps3

whateva4875d ago

think about what you just said sony is making more money off of the PS2 then they are with the PS3 so why would they stop making PS2's just to make people buy PS3's

That would be like honda killing off the accord

Captain Tuttle4875d ago

Unless Honda was introducing a better, faster, more expensive "Accord 2". Where's the incentive to upgrade? The PS2 is competing against the PS3.

whateva4875d ago

if honda came out with a new car that most people couldn't afford then stop making accords they would Lose more money then they would make.
some thing with sony if they are making money off of the PS2 why the Hell would they stop making them and ps2 is not competing against the PS3 it's helping it compete against the wii and the 360.

DrRage774875d ago

well, honda does do what sony is reluctant to do...they bring out a new model, and stop making the old one. it happens every year when there is an updated car with a few newer features than the previous year. they don't continue to make 2006 or 2007 accords every year, they move on to the new one. sony is still producing ps2's while they are trying to sell the ps3. for every person that buys a ps2, that is one more person that will not buy a ps3 within the next year.....

Captain Tuttle4875d ago

You said it better than I could have Dr.

Have a bubble.

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