10 Things We We Would Like To See At E3

What is the connection between Super Mario 3D and Super Mario Bros 3? What is the real meaning of "Nintendo Stream?" With E3 right around the corner examines some tantalizing rumors to create their own wish list for the show. GTA Trilogy, Zelda surprises, a new Halo game?

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2789d ago
ATiElite2789d ago

No not a bad list.....A Horrible list!

Starcraft Heart of the Swarm
Battlefield 3 PC multi-player
BF3 console
Codename kingdoms
Gears 3
Uncharted 3
Diablo 3
Guild Wars 2
Dust 514
Doom 4
a Kinect Game that's NOT on rails
Syphon Filter 5
Forza 4
Heavenly Sword 2
God of War 4
Let me stop before I really get going!

2789d ago
slavish32789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

@thatguuy77 not the point its all that other crap and all the better stuff that should take its place! ATiElite list is about 100x better and thats just a start!

2789d ago
jacksonmichael2788d ago

Can you even make a non-rail Kinect game? A camera for motion control is a silly idea for that exact reason.

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SephirothX212788d ago

The 10 things I I would like to see at E3:

1. A decent Nintendo conference for once with Wii 2 reveal and little as possible about underwhelming 3DS.
2. Minimum Kinect rubbish at M$ conference with focus on core gamers.
3. Agent trailer at Sony conference.
4. GTAV announcement with trailer.
5. FF Versus XIII trailer with release date.
6. God of War 4 announcement.
7. The Last Guardian in-depth trailer and release date.
8. Heavenly Sword 2 announcement.
9. Crisis Core II:Final Fantasy VII for NGP.
10. Finally, Resident Evil 6!

AWBrawler2788d ago

Still hating on 3DS before it even had 1 damn update huh?

You people amaze me.

SephirothX212787d ago

It's not because it is underwhelming so far but that I just prefer proper games to little kiddie crap.

2789d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi2788d ago

LOL you can tell which console they play on the most. If NGP drops at 250 that would be epic but I'm expecting 300. 350 for the 3g model. I really hope Sony shows off theyre new fps too.

creamsoda2788d ago

I think the price will be $280 at the cheapest, $250 is pushing it considering what the NGP can do.

KingofGambling2788d ago

The comeback of Eight Days and The Getaway

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