Playstation 3 worries about innovation to sacrifice quality

Sony has really tried to improve the gaming experience with the PS3 through new and innovative technologies, but unfortunately this mindset has led to a decrease in the number of quality games. That is just one of the things that's prevented the mass adoption everyone was expecting for Sony's latest console.

Quite evidently, the PS3 is the most "open" console. Users are not bound to the very rigid set of specifications mandated by the Xbox 360 and Wii hardware. This should make it an appealing target for developers and consumers, but it's not. Unfortunately, in trying to make the actual specs of the system as cool as possible, Sony seems to have forgotten that it still needs quality games.

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Twizlex4873d ago

I know it's just one guy's opinion, but he makes some pretty good arguments. The PS3 has some good games, but it needs MORE good games. All in due time, I suppose...

BrianC62344873d ago

Who pays that guy for his opinion? Blu-ray is already looking great. The 360 has DVD and a lot of developers hate making games for the360 because of DVD. It's way too limiting. When you go HD on everything you need huge space to fit everything. I promise you, in a year from today Sony will be looking smart. That's when we'll be seeing a huge difference in 360 and PS3 games. Unless third party developers just keep giving us crappy ports of 360 games. At least Sony games and games only made for the PS3 will show us what the PS3 really can do.

So many people lately seem to be cheapskates and have zero vision. This idiot who wrote his opinion is another.

Thugbot1874873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

BrianC6234, what the guy stated was correct; while developers hate the size of the DVD they still seem to be making games for the 360 that look and perform great. For those of us that follow the technology industry, we aren’t even sure BLU-RAY and HD-DVD will be around in a few years. Formats like HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc) weigh in at 1TB; which is able to hold HD format uncompressed, while BLU-RAY tops out at 200GB and there or no disc of this size currently available. One would think if we are arguing about developers needing more space why not give them a better technology all together that won’t run out of space anytime soon?

The just wait until next year thing is getting old. The PS3 was supposed to look 100x better than the 360 on day one of release. Not to say that many of the games that come out on both systems seem to get a better review and play better on the 360 (yes, I’ve heard the argument about crappy ports; but the fact remains that the inferior 360 offers a better game playing experience on those games; when the PS3 with the better technology should be running circles around the 360.) While almost no one disagrees the PS3 will out perform the 360; let’s be honest for once and ask how long are we going to have to wait to see the PS3 out perform the 360? The reason I bring this up is because will it really matter if it takes the PS3 till the release of the next gen consoles to look better than the 360?

I believe this guy is right Sony needs some exclusive games that just drop jaws or that excite people like Halo 3, and GTA. FF XIII, GT5, MGS4, and Killzone2 look like those games but the problem is they aren’t here.

xhi44873d ago

read the whole thing, but as a ps3 owner, I must agree he has some extremely good and valid points.

The PS3, is undoubtedly the most powerful console on the market, I believe Sony may have though, we have the backing of the ps2 users/devlopers, we will provide the consumers/developers with the most open network, architcture, most powerful processor, next-gen optical format etc. in the belief that everything else would just follow.

But it didn't, logically it will all happen over time, take next year for example with all the hard hitters coming out (Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, MGS4, Final Fantasy etc.) but the short term, it didn't help.

But for the future, Sony's little puppy is looking pretty strong.

Darrius Cole4872d ago

The just wait until next year thing is getting old??????? How can it be when the system is still in its first year of life? All systems need a while to allow the developers time to get up to speed. People should just stop with the trying to call the race before the PS3 is even out of the gate.

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Real gamer 4 life4873d ago

the game and its price is what holding the system back. However sony system has 11 months on the market and 7 in some countrys. it sold 5.6m unit in one year. All its heavy hitter will come out in 08. The xbox released its first exclusive AAA title in one year(gears of war). And sony just released one of its proven franchise Rachet&clank Which is a AAA title. Next year there will be a onslaught of Blockbuster title released. I just wish 08 will get here already.

ruibing4873d ago

Though I do thing Sony is spreading themselves a bit thin, I also believe it might payoff in the future. In the meantime, the games available on the horizon are easy to look forward to and the games already/soon available is already a cash drain for me. Looking at exclusives only (though I do want Assassin's Creed and Kane & Lynch) Ratch & Clank is a must have, Haze peaks at my interest, Uncharted is really promising, and GT 5 Prologue is hard to resist. I also want Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Singstar, and UT3 (I just read the fox news about it being out with PC in November, so who knows).

The point is the PS3 is not short on games anymore. It just needs better ad campaign to get the word out that it plays games for the young folks and is the ultimate media center for the grown ups. Sony needs better PR since us fans are already speaking on their behalf.

razer4872d ago

Call of Duty 2 and Condemned?? Both AAA games at launch.. This whole crap that it took the 360 a year to produce Gears of War is crap because there were some great games well within it's first year.. and garbage as well.. but still.

I didn't buy my PS3 last year to have to wait till 08/09 to play a killer line-up.. I expected more.. I guess it's my own fault.

toughNAME4873d ago

its pretty much exactly what i've been saying...just more organized

still totally confused by the controller... i mean...10 years!

BrianC62344873d ago

What do you mean you're still confused by the controller? The PS3 contoller confuses you? If so, how? It's a great controller. What'sto be confused about?

spammy_nooo4873d ago

Sony didn't sacrifice anything, developers did.

The PS3 is fully capable of mind-blowing graphics(mind-blowing everything, really), devs just haven't utilized it hardly at all. Just the fact that games like Resistance could even be compared to current 360 games says something about the ps3, especially since it has MUCH more complex hardware.

All I have to say is look at the new R&C series.

IdontTakeSides4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

I agree with you..but the devs aren't 100% used to the hardware as's the same as with the PS2..but out of all the 3 next gen systems..the PS3 has released the most original IP's which were all good they had better / more games than the 360 in it's 1st year and Resistance was a day one AAA title... and now alot of great games are coming out for the system...

hurricane224873d ago

Not all developers are sacrificing the ps3's power. You want a significantly better game... then it will take significantly more time. MGS4 and GT5 will make Gears look like an atari game.

unsunghero284873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

That the intimidating power of the console has prevented some developers from doing what they really should be. The PS3 is very powerful, but very few games have really harnessed this power.

But I think that one day that will change. LittleBigPlanet in particular strikes me as an incredibly innovative game, perhaps one of the greatest of this generation, and it's COMPLETELY thanks to the power of the PS3.

For that reason, I think LittleBigPlanet could be argued as the first "next-gen game" (Although I hate that buzzword).

I absolutely agree. What Sony really did was "future-proof" the PS3, so in theory it will last longer. The problem is that before it can do that it actually needs to get the jumpstart Sony has been praying for.

We'll just have to see how it all works out, but I still think 2008 will be quite a good year for PS3 owners.

I'm not sure you can just call the Wii a "toy". In reality, games ARE meant to be fun, so I'm not sure if you can hold being a toy against the thing.

Truth be told, though I agree about you on the PS3 for the most part, if Sony had approached it has a game machine and Blu-Ray as a nice feature to have then the PS3 might have more sales right now.

Close_Second4873d ago much is it currently costing developers to tap into the full power of the PS3? I dare say a s**t load more than any other console at present. I'll bet the developers of Lair are not happy at the returns on that game given all the time and money invested in bringing it to market.

Sony failed (initially) to provide the level of support and high calibre development kits to 3rd party developers - which was especially important given that the PS3 is a new architecture. Learning new and different hardware takes time and unfortunately in business time is money. Delay a release by taking longer to develop and it means higher costs to produce and potentially lower profit margins...especially for cross platform games or games that don't convince that a PS3 is needed to play it.

Game engines will eventually run like butter on the PS3 and be easy to develop for. However, that will take time and what Sony needs to do is ensure that it can survive until the AAA titles start to flow more steadily. R&C is the first but it cannot be another 6 months until the next.

Its unfortunate that so many cross platforms are inferior on the PS3 but unfortunately, not releasing them at all would have hurt the PS3 even more.

BrianC62344873d ago

The PS3 is complicated to program for but the Ps3 ports of 360 games still look about as good as the 360 versions. That's saying something. Sony designs their console to last for years. Early on it's harder to make games that take advantage of all the power. But over the years the games just keep getting better and better. The 360 from what I've read is close to being 100% maxxed out on power. Soon the PC versions of games will look a lot better than the 360 games. All the 360 really is anyway is a PC. That's when the PS3 will take over. When gamers see the big difference in quality they'll jump back to Sony. Right now a lot of people are just too cheap. For those cheap gamers I say you should look at what PC gaming costs. That's expensive.

BrianC62344873d ago

You're missing the BIG picture. All consoles need time and money invested to learn them. Of the three consoles only the PS3 is a true HD console. The Wii is just a toy. The 360 uses DVD which is already holding developers back. So learn to tap the power of the real HD console and make games for it for the next 5+ years. You don't invest time and money to learn a console that will be dead soon. The PS3 has years left before it's replaced.

soccerluv4872d ago

Amazing that developers are still working on a platform that you say is going to be "dead soon". They must be nuts. When will it die? Perhaps you need to go in there and straighten them out. Go on gipper!

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