Fallout 3 Preview (GameBanshee)

UGO GameBanshee on October 23 published a 4-page preview of Fallout 3 based on a gameplay demo at the 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The demo covers character creation, the Vault, combat, radiation, Megaton (the first town), dialogue, the first task or quest, subway tunnels, supermutants, and Brotherhood of Steel.

The Good:
+ Keeps quite a bit of the original Fallout setting intact
+ Graphic is simply a notch up overall from Oblivion
+ Real-time with pause (RTwP) combat system, denoted as V.A.T.S., is probably an improvement over a pure real-time system; the RTwP system feels like it'll end up pretty close to the one in BioWare's Mass Effect
+ Dialogue and quests are promised to be deep and complex, with big (moral) consequences, hazy choices, gray areas, and expansive dialogue branches.

The Bad:
- Lacking a consistent vision
- A slight obsession in the demo with juvenile violence
- How well the main plot can offer the freedom and choices the originals did is an open question

The Ugly:
- Most of traditionalist Fallout fans' worst fears came true
- It is not a direct sequel to the originals; it falls a bit more on the side of a spin-off
- It is almost guaranteed to be at least enjoyable by fans of previous Bethesda games; but for big fans of originals Fallout who expect a sequel to hold close to the originals design in both setting and gameplay, set it and forget it.

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dachiefsman4874d ago

betheseda produces gaming gold...while i haven't played previous Fallout IPs....I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

gamesR4fun4874d ago

and Im looking forward to this one especially with the oblivion team bringing it.

Captain Tuttle4874d ago

The purists will tell you that if it's not a 2D isometric view turn-based game in can in no way be Fallout. I disagree. Let those guys keep making mods.

Although I am a bit bummed they turned down the "grittiness" of of my most satisfying moments in gaming was the first time I planted some dynamite on those little punks in The Den who always rob you blind.

nobizlikesnowbiz4874d ago

Thats a bad quality? I'm confused.

malingenie4874d ago

Listen to the Game Scoop podcast abouit hsi game, its gonna be friggin AWESOME. ANd yes I loved the first 2, but Isometric Views? It is sooooo last season! Bring on the 3d and dont listen to the old hags!

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