Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm First Impressions

It's not unusual to see PC games get an expansion pack after they're released, though it's rare when a game that's not named The Sims gets a second expansion. So what does it say about Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War that we're now up to Soulstorm, the recently announced third expansion to 2004's real-time strategy game based on the popular sci-fi miniatures franchise from Games Workshop? Relic Studios is responsible for some amazing and innovative games, from Homeworld to Company of Heroes, but the Dawn of War series may very well be its most enduring and popular. However, even Relic and collaborator Iron Lore Entertainment face a daunting task with Soulstorm, as last year's Dark Crusade expansion raised the bar considerably for what fans expect. The solution? Top Dark Crusade by offering even more.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4874d ago

I always thought those Warhammer dioramas, or whatever they were looked awesome.

Nvm that was how the game is played isn't it? On a big table with hundreds of figures killing the sh!t out of eachother?

Cool looking tanks too...

Mattguy4874d ago

Yeah the style of 40k is amazing-it's by far my most favorite sci-fi universe, god I can't wait for this game. The only 2 RTS's that could ever top this are supreme an COH but this one will always be my favorite RTS only really because of the unirverse(gameplay is good but like I said supreme shows up and also COH)

ben8064874d ago

a must buy for me i loved the previous expansion packs.