Rumors On Devil May Cry Reboot

Player Affinity writes: "If the leak is true then Ninja Theory has made some drastic changes to the DMC formula and by "Drastic", I mean "Bad". Firearms will now have a cool-down period, but there is no information on what that actually means, and that just doesn’t belong in a Devil May Cry game. The look of Dante is also the same, which is something that a lot of people instantly hated when the reveal trailer was released. The game will also run at a locked 30 frames-per-second. "

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a_bro2697d ago

this isnt Devil May Cry. This is devil Sucks D**k.

NovusTerminus2697d ago

Wait... The game looks worse then DMC4 AND has less FPS?

Gun cool down time is bas as that might limit the combos, guns are often used for floating and hold an enemy to further set up a combo...

And they did not change the malnourished 70's British punk rock hooked on meth non trench coat wearing look...

This is going to be worse then I thought! And that is saying something since I knew NT would screw it up.

slavish32697d ago

just make devil may cry 5 and kill this dmc off

Uncharted3Goty2697d ago

heres a fact and these isnt a rumor IT WILL SUCK sorry but These isnt Devil may cry bring back the People who made devil may cry.

chidori6662697d ago

This is a total butchering of DMC. I hope this project fails hard…