Geoff Keighley teases '40 huge E3 exclusives'

SystemLink: "It's that time of year again. E3 2011 is days away, and as usual, we must wade through all the pre-event reveals and information before getting to the giant beating heart of the expo.

Geoff Keighley has teased '40 huge E3 exclusives', being revealed from tonight, by GameTrailers and Spike."

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KILLERAPP2721d ago

Geoff Keighley is always over hyping things, E3 is going to be awesome we know that, mkay...

CarnageXB2721d ago

I agree. He over hyped last year and I got disappointed.

i_da_pappy2721d ago

why the hell does this show only come on at 1am?

Motorola2721d ago

9 PM PST thats why... is it PST? correct me if im wrong. Its california time

WhiteLightning2721d ago

I was worrying about all these early announcements thinking "Well whats in store for E3 then if there announcing things this early" but if there actually is 40 exclusives maybe there is a bunch of surprizes in store for us.

tigertron2721d ago

40 exclusives? are they PS3 exclusives? 360 exclusives? Wii exclusives? café exclusives? Kinect shovelware? aaaah, the uncertainty!

i_da_pappy2721d ago

38 ps3 exclusives 1 xbox 360 and 1 wii. lol j/k.

DiRtY2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

PS3 exclusives. My bet is on PSP remastered games.

Basically one BluRay.


misread the title. Sorry.

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