Alice Madness Returns: Launch Trailer Revealed

With a release date just around the corner fans of the Alice series finally get to return to Wonderland in the new sequel from Spicy Horse games ‘Alice Madness Returns’

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halo3blogs2693d ago

Awesome! Thanks for the info.

SarahFox2693d ago

your welcome, it just came out 45 minutes ago :)

Kakihara2693d ago

I really need to see some more reviews for this game. If it gets an average of anything from 7 and up I'm picking it up but I'll probably pass if the rest of the reviews are as damning as the first one.

To pre-emptively counter a comment I just know is coming, yes I know reviews are just opinions and I do like to make up my own mind but listening to the opinions of others often helps one make up one's own mind. Otherwise you'd just be swinging in the dark and making up your mind arbitrarily.

RememberThe3572686d ago

Haha it's funny how people have to defend using review to help them decide of a 60 dollar game is worth it. I use reviews all the time, because they're generally right. I don't have a single game in my collection that is below and 70 on metacritic. Thats not because I use metacritic to buy games, but when games suck it's pretty much general knowledge. One great review or one horrible review wont sway me but when reviewer collectively love a game theres more often than not something really good about it.

I know COD and other series get over rated but I know about those and new IPs don't usually get that kind of preferential treatment.

CNXN2693d ago

for some reason this reminds me of dante's inferno also i was looking for a really strong plot and that doesnt seem to be the case...

cool environments tho

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