Newly designed PSP coming in 2007

According to the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine, a new design of the Sony PSP will be hitting the shores of Japan around March of 2007.

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player 15870d ago

wow i really like this, reminds me of the old sega pad.

specialguest5870d ago

too bad that's not the actual design. im just glad there's another analog button on the right side. now FPS can be played properly.

Marriot VP5870d ago

All I can say is the current PSP frickin digs into your fingers and is very uncomfortable

Sony, "yah but it's sleek and tiny"
Me, "does that matter when you don't want to play more than 5 minutes on GTA cause of the buttons digging into your figures like tacks"

DJ5870d ago

And no, that's not the official design, lol. The PSM issue said that the UMD reader is going to be slot loading instead of a pop-out. The system's also going to be lighter and have 8Gb of built-in flash memory. Whether a second analong stick will be added still isn't official, and they even debate whether redesign is a good thing or not.

The PSP game specs won't change. They're simply taking a cue from Apple's Ipod. The old version of the PSP will be discontinued while the new one will keep the same price point.

Marriot VP5870d ago

well i didn't say the DS was better, I've never played one.

Personally handhelds are a mistake to buy cause their immediately outdated in a year sometimes and the games run for 20-30 bucks. Plus the handheld could be 130 or 300. NOT worth it.

kewlkat0075869d ago

Is that all you do is compare irrelavence information. Who said anything about a DS in here?

As for the article, it does look like that SEGA game pad. So it will be more comfortable.