EU PS+ Members Getting Extra 10 Days of Service for Free

Eric of writes:

"The PlayStation Store is back up at least for NA and EU, and if you live in the EU regions and have PS+ you’ll be getting an extra 10 days added to your service free of charge due to the delay in getting the store up and running. According to the James Thorpe PSN Product Manager, it has been confirmed that PS+ members will get an extra 70 days (instead of 60) of PS+ service added to their account due to the delay."

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rrquinta2695d ago

Interesting. Good news for PAL PSN + people.

Baba19062695d ago

how can i find out, how much longer my account will run? dont find the info for it....

LightSamus2695d ago

Check out the "information" of something you downloaded from Plus and it should have an expiry date. That date is when your Plus ends.

JasonBloodbourne2695d ago

EU FTW lol and i never say that being British! lol

Squatch832695d ago

Useless for me... I still havnt been able to change password. Get it sorted Sony!!!!!!!!!