Blu-ray Maintains Edge Despite 'Transformers'

Blu-ray Disc titles began outselling HD DVD titles early in the year and have consistently maintained an edge, week after week. Even Paramount Home Entertainment's release of the DreamWorks theatrical blockbuster Transformers exclusively on the HD DVD format didn't tip the scale last week. Though there was no hot new Blu-ray Disc release, consumers continued to buy more Blu-ray Discs than HD DVDs for the week ended Oct. 21, albeit by a slim 51% to 49% edge. Paramount says Transformers sold 190,000 units its first week in stores, but Home Media Magazine market research and studio estimates puts the actual number of units that sold through to consumers closer to 115,000.

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pwnsause4873d ago

hey paramount I have a better Idea, break the stupid contract, get a lawsuit, gain all that money back by releasing Transformers on Blu-Ray!

ruibing4873d ago

I would have bought Transformers if it was Blu Ray, but for now I'll settle with Spider Man and Pirates of the Caribbean.

cuco334873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Wait until Neilson's "official" numbers (which excludes amazon figures). Even so, any sales advantage is due to the BOGO where every buy one get one free counted as 2 disc sales regardless of the fact you were only paying for one. Strange some of you look at an installed base of 10 times more than HD DVD, literally giving discs away. There is a discrepancy since Para claimed they sold 190k units where as the article says 110k+ estimated.

How's that 800+million financial loss due to PS3 and BD doing for Sony this past quarter?

Both formats will continue to strive. Even if one miserably failed, Sony and Toshiba would be perfectly fine.

EDIT: to ruibing.

Thing that most don't realize is the freebies, regardless if it's the mail ins from BD or HD DVD or the latest addon sale, aren't included in the sales figures but the free titles from the BOGOs, are counted. See, it's working the numbers, the studio still gets paid for the disk sale but instead of to the consumer it's to the manufacturer/business/forum.

Basically Fry's had the BOGO but the way they worked it was by making all BD disks half price. Circuit City just made sure you bought an even amount (think business). So technically it's still BOGO, but they termed it as a sale being able to include the sale as a unit sold. Make sense?

Lionsguard4873d ago

"According to a market research company Nielsen VideoScan, as of week ended October 14, 2007, weekly US sales of Blu-ray discs were ahead of HD DVD with 71% of the market. In 2007 US sales, Blu-ray leads with 66% of the market. Since inception, US market share was 61% for Blu-ray and 39% for HD DVD.[33][34] The 2007 sales numbers are in contrast with much of 2006 (before the release of the PlayStation 3) when HD DVD had the lead."

rbanke4873d ago

Personally, I wont buy Transformers unless its on a blu-ray (i guess that will be in 16+- months)

ruibing4873d ago

If you are talking about discounts, then HD-DVD is guilty of the same tactics. The latest one is buy a 360 HD-DVD add-on and get 5 movies, a copy of King Kong, and the first season of Heroes. THAT is what you call giving it out for free. I mean jeez for a add-on drive, they just gave out over half a dozen discs (not sure how many a season of Heroes uses). The worst Blu Ray did was just B1G1, which helps them sell those trilogies that appear on Blu Ray (I used the chance to get a lot of Blockbuster hits). Don't be a hypocrite by not doing enough research beforehand.

godofthunder104872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

i'm tired of hearing all the fanboys from both sides crying and fighting over formats like 9 year olds over candy on a school playground.
the truth is that they both play at 1080p and if they had 2 different 1080p they would have different pictures but they don't they have the same picture so get a life and act a grownup.
the reason that BR sells more movies is because sony forced it on the ps3 fans and the reason that the stand alone hd-dvd player is outselling the BR standalone dvd player is because they are cheaper.
we been playing games on 2 disc for years but all of a sudden if you do it's no good and they only have about 5 to %10 of games that need extra space ,the truth is sony wasn't worried about the gamers they were worried about winning the format war because they figgured they won the game console war all said before they released the ps3 that people would but their system even if it didn't have any games for it.
sony should've put BR in the ps3 and sold it for $400 then they would have been in the lead but instead they were cokkey and didn't care about the gamers because they thought they won already.
if one of the formats don't win in a few years then both will loose because they have a new format coming out at the end of next year that plays at 1080p but the movies and disc will be about the same price as regular dvds but the problem would be is if they could get movie support for it.
sony and tishiba doesn't give a damn about any of the fanboys,they could't care less if they die or live but they come on the net and post and take up for a format like they will get a percentage of the sales,they need to wake up because none of them will see a dime.
the reason that people take up for BR is because they are ps3 fans but if the ps3 had hd-dvd then they would say that BR isn't any good because hd-dvd is in the ps3 and that's a fact.the same go for hd-dvd fans,the reason that they don't like BR is because it's in the ps3 and sony owns it.
i still don't know what all the fuss is about because neither one is making a dent in the sell of regular dvds and on top of that you could buy a dvd player for $150 that upgrade regular dvds to 1080p hd quality but you have to pay $300 to a $1000 for a so call nextgen player and about $30 for a movie,so do the math,dvd is still the best opition at this time.
i'm not for any one of them now,but i've had always bought american made products when i can to help the american economy out,before we let china and japan start selling their products over here we were the richest country in the world but now we are in third place because mostly americans buying forign products instead of american,on top of that japan allow about 3/4 less of imports that they export to the U.S. and that's why they are getting richer to and an american can't own or be a part of a company in japan but japan own about 1/2 of the U.S and about 75% of the companies in the U.S and that's why they are the richest country in the world now.if we don't start supporting american products and companies soon then they will own us because they are half way there now now.
people could buy what they want but when they hope a forign company wins and an american company fail,their priorties isn't in the right place.if people sit down and think for a few minutes they would realize that when they buy forign products instead of american products then they are making the forign country richer and the U.S poorer.i know some people will say it's not true but all you have to do is study history and the trade act and they would see,now if they admit it or not i don't know but i'll still buy an american product over forign products any day of the week because i support the U.S any way i can,and i'm tired of the japanese laughing at us.
they said the reason they don't support american products is because they are proud of their country and companies in it and they buy their products to help their economy out but then they have the nerve to ask americans to buy their products and belive it or not they have a lot of americans that do and i think it's a shame but i'm like them i'm proud of my country to so they need to take their sh*t back.
we own them millions of $s and if they call in all the U.S debt to them then we will have to go bankrupt,henery rollings said that they have the U.S over a barrel with it's pants down dry fu***g it,and i belive him.
i listen many reason why they are richer and we are poorer and all of them together is killing the U.S

The Brave 14872d ago

With Spiderman 3 coming in less than a week,then the Disney movies,then the Die hard Trilogy,then Sony Pictures(Superbad)and then Pirates .Its gonna get a lot worse for HD-dvd.Even the ignorant fanboys know this

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jahcure4873d ago

Now HD-DVD has 0 chance of ever winning a week, at least this year. It was a nice try though, but it seems that the paramount deal did not work as well as they thought it would.

Tsk Tsk Tsk Paramount..counting numbers shipped and not numbers sold to pad numbers? I thought that this was a console maker's tactic.

athlon7704872d ago

I mean they took money from Microsoft, why not take there tactics?

arika4873d ago

WTF!!!! hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha ! GO SONY! blueray all the way! just wait when bluerays big guns comeout! spiderman trilogy and pirates of caribbean trilogy! GAME OVER!!!!! hddvd your end is at hand. lets give it a few more months then adios amigos to hddvd..

pwnsause4873d ago

seriously, especially when Blu-ray is going to have the almost the same capabilities as HD-DVD with Profile 1.1

IdontTakeSides4873d ago if Transformers can't tip the scale for HD-DVD atleast for a week...then im srry for that camp when October 30th arrives..!!

KINGDRAMA4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )


myself and a couple of others said this in the transformers thread. I and others knew how this situation would progress. ANYTHING with microsoft is just smoke and mirrors, dirt under the rug UNTIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT. TIME AND TIME AGAIN


ruibing4873d ago

What happens on the 30th?

Fan Tastic4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

"I didn't mean transformers, I meant the next title, umm yeah that is the one that will Win it all for HD DVD"

can't wait to hear Cucu say he is neutral again.

Paramount even had buy one get one free deals for HD DVD as did Sony.

edit: ooh mak it BIG and hoping that somebody might actually believe you are neutral. Every single post from you is crap.

Wet dreams about a little whiny girl making excuses for your format of choice, oh yes. We all want to be cuco too!

cuco334873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Can't quite figure out if you are under 18 and had his mommy buy you a PS3 or just a dorky nerd supporting a brand as if it were your own.

I'm neutral.
As in NOT A FANBOY of a format, just a FANBOY of movies in HIGH DEF. I point out facts wether good or bad from either side. Funny how you only point out whatever I mention negative for BD but never mention anything when I say positive about BD or negative for HD DVD. :rollseyes:
Welcome to the ignore button troll...

Looking at the whole picture, and I will continue doing as I see fit being NEUTRAL and pointing out the facts or discrepancies, I'll begin so you can nut a second faster.
- Why is Paramount's TF sold count (190k) different from this articles? (110k)
- How is winning sales market share numbers that doesn't include Amazon by small percentages proBD after they gave away a disc for every disc purchased (BOGO = buy one get one free, you pay for one, sale counts as 2 discs sold) all the while having 10 times the players? I've said it before, BD with the PS3 by itself should have decimated HD DVD but purple is the way (red AND blue, embrace both).
- If this format war was over, for the 5th time according to the BDA, then why is Walmart of all people, THE #1 movie media selling business, offering the HD-A2 at $198 in stores? Walmart isn't the type of company to go through all the trouble to pocket some cash for a short time. I think they know what is being embraced, both formats.
- Samsung has hinted at a dual format player that is fully capable of HD DVDs spec as well as BD's 1.1 profile. It has been said to be delayed possibly to fill in the 2.0 requirements. Priced right, this will sell and will pave the way for the masses to embrace HDM.
- Regardless of sales, HDM is still PITIFUL when compared to the real competition, DVD