Latest Japanese Hardware Chart

The calm before the storm. Sales seem to be a repeat of last week with no major changes, DSL and PSP down, Wii and PS3 up, 360 down 50%. The next few weeks we are sure to see these numbers rise quite substantially, especially Wii as Super Mario Galaxy is about to launch

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sonysoIdiers4064d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

<--- Japan's powar!

AnalFace4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

hi marty boy, i want sex god damn it! ya?

Kuest4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

just happened.

i feel like I just stepped in the twilight zone... "the mart" really is a rock star celebrity!

Spike474064d ago

wow the 360 is just dead in japan.

I mean this was the 360's peak, and all it could do was just come a lil bit close to the ps3 sales just to fall 50 percent down again.

that's sad.

I think ms might abandon japan fully lol.

they better hope they don't lose europe, cause then they're in a huge problem.

ruibing4063d ago

It's only two hopes right now are Beautiful Katamari (looks like an upscaled version of the PS2 releases) and Ace Combat 6. The following week's charts should be interesting to see if some exclusively bought games can help the 360.

wageslave4063d ago

"wow the 360 is just dead in japan."
Xbox 360 is doing better in Japan (the 2nd largest market) than the PS3 is doing in America (largest market).

"I mean this was the 360's peak, and all it could do was just come a lil bit close to the ps3 sales just to fall 50 percent down again."

MS has announced an impending price cut. And like the slow in PS3 sales only to be followed by a peak, it is evident that the Xbox 360 is slowed before that price reduction.

"I think ms might abandon japan fully"
Don't count on it. Xbox 360 is being outsold by PS3 2.1:1 (ish) in Japan. The PS3 is being outsold by Xbox 360 by over 5:1 in USA.

By your logic, it is *FAR* more likely that Sony would pull the PS3 from America before MS would leave Japan.

"they better hope they don't lose europe, cause then they're in a huge problem"
Doubtful. MS also winning in the 3rd largest market (and dominating in the UK (the largest of the EU markets)).

You've got a lot to learn about the situation. The PS3 is the won being dominated in a world wide hardware basis. Not to mention the software sales are tiny and the developers are in open rebellion.

I'd suggest you stock up on all the BetaRay discs you can before your PS3 ends up being replaced by the PS4.

Spike474064d ago

wow the ps3 is gaining on the wii.

the difference now is not 7 to 1 or 5 to 1 or 2 to 1, just 7,000.

wii is just gonna tear things up with mario.

ruibing4063d ago

Yeah, the main problem with the wii is the lack of big titles. I guess with their limited production capabilities and predicted demands, they thought they might as well wait until 2008 for their other two big titles. I think Mario Galaxy should do pretty well.

Foliage4063d ago

Now consider how the PS3 is about double the price of the Wii.

And if I'm not mistaken the PSP is somewhere around double the price of the ds.

It sort of puts things in perspective a bit.

jeeg4064d ago

360's sales went down due to Elites sold out during the previous week. I anticipate another spark during sometime November when they have more elites

Jandre024064d ago

yes of course!! cuz the japanese wont buy a 360 unless they get to spend more money on it? too funny. elite is a waste of money

pilotpistolpete4064d ago

Now, now, Jandre02, calm down. He has a point

I'm sure if they has a load full of elites, they could of broke 3,100 if not the 3,200 mark.

ruibing4063d ago

But then again Sony will have price cut, the new 40GB, and the silver models to satisfy people a little low on cash, already has a PS2, or need a more sexy color, respectively. Sony is not going to loose Japan to 360 until the titles coming from the Mystwalker studio, funded by MS, becomes big and successful like Square Enix, Level 5, or Tri-Ace. MS's two big hopes are Infinite Discovery and Lost Odyssey to against White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy XIII, if we are only talking about RPGs.

sonarus4063d ago

if wii sales dont pick up i predict sony will surpass them with the release of the new 40GB.

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Charlie26884064d ago

The DS have seen a big decline in sales if I remember they used to sell around +120.000 now they have been around 70-80.000, in the other hand the PSP seem to be going back to its usual 50-60.000

the most surprising number are the PS3s with 17.000 when before they barely got passed the 10.000, its almost doubling sales in the region

It would be interesting to see the PS3 sales when more games come out in Japan

jackdoe4064d ago

Especially when a monster game like FFXIII comes out. It will be a definite system pusher over there, which is why Sony is so adamant about keeping it an exclusive.

KINGDRAMA4063d ago

cuz everyone AND their grandma has a ds

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