New Skyrim info - "It's not terribly different from Crysis"

SystemLink: "A Skyrim forum user has posted nuggets of crisp, golden information regarding Bethesda's latest behemoth in the Elder Scrolls series. Cue epic music as Todd Howard talks 3rd person, weather and Crysis with PC Gamer"

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BeastlyRig3527d ago

oh lord thank god for the witcher!

Theo11303527d ago

I don't know, Oblivion played like an fps with magic so it going cryis 1 way is not bad, i just hope they find way of making interesting side stories like the dark brotherhood; best part of the game.

Resistance_lord3527d ago

Oblivion is older then Crysis.
Crysis 2 is like Oblivion!!!.Only Different :P

Jamzluminati3527d ago

Eh'? I am not sure if I am digging this.

-We are watching

TheXonySbox3526d ago

that shit is smoke and mirror effects, I want to go everywhere I can see like in Elder Scrolls.

Witcher is a knock off of RPG's like these.

led10903526d ago

Your nickname, and the number of bubbles you have says a lot about you so you don't really have to talk to be judged. And just to add fuel to your fire, Witcher 2 is amazing

Kakihara3527d ago

Yeeesh, talk about yer quotemines.

lastdual3527d ago

Exactly, this quote is taken way out of context for the sake of an attention-grabbing headline.

Fishy Fingers3527d ago

Lots of this is confusing as the quotes are short and out of context.

MariaHelFutura3527d ago

Uncharted is alot like Mario Sunshine.

MidnytRain3527d ago

Yeah! He jumps, defeats... things...


Heartnet3526d ago

Nope not in any way im afraid :(

WhiteLightning3527d ago

Hopefully you can use powerful magic even if you are something else like a theif. In Oblivion if you were a thief/warrior and wanted to use good magic you would never have enough magicka to cast them because you havent took that specific path or you didn't pick the race/class that was most suited to magic users.

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The story is too old to be commented.