On Call of Duty: Elite: What Isn't Known

Since the announcement of Activision’s latest subscription-based brainchild,Call of Duty: Elite, earlier this week, no shortage of criticism has been levied toward the service, the specifics of which are still vague, at best. What is known is the following:
(*) Call of Duty: Elite is a subscription service set to be released simultaneously with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 8, 2011.
(*) It will be a multi-tiered service, similar to Xbox Live, with paid subscribers receiving premium content for their money. All users will have access to a statistic-tracking service usable across multiple Call of Duty titles (very much like Halo: Waypoint and, social group creation, and built-in competitions for real and virtual prizes (oooooh, shiny).
(*) Users will be able to access Elite content through any web browser, as well as apps built for iOS and Android.
(*) Elite’s “gold” level of service will cost…money, currently an indeterminate amount. One would hazard to...

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Dart892694d ago

But what happens if you don't continue to pay the subscription will you loose the maps and everything??
If it's true then you would have wasted $60 for nothing:D.