Player Affinity - Max Payne 3: Can It Live Up To the Series Legacy?

Player Affinity writes: "Rockstar have been doing quite well for themselves in recent years with gamers immersing themselves in the wild west with last years “Red Dead Redemption” and L.A. Noir already becoming a huge critical success. The next item on Rockstar's to do list is Max Payne 3. While Rockstar didn’t make the original two Max Payne games, (That developer, Remedy is off working away at the next Alan Wake game), it’s up to Rockstar to live up to the legacy of the series."

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Hellbound19782695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

It's possible but, included HD ports of the first two would help HINT, HINT!

And yes I know R* didn't release the first two but they must own the rights?

RedPawn2695d ago

Depends on how his age is woven into the stories years abcence.