Choplifter HD: Interview With Dan Gorlin and Brian Fargo

XXLGaming writes, "We sit down and chat with the creator of the original Choplifter game as well as the President of inXile Entertainment. Dan and Brian discuss some of the challenges faced with bringing the title to 2011 as well as some things we can expect. Make sure you check out the gameplay trailer as well."

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Neko_Mega2747d ago

Didn't they said this was PS3 and PC only? Anyways I don't care, I want this game.

I remember playing it when it first came out ^-^

rwallace2747d ago

At the end of the video they state all 3 platforms. It was previously announced only for the PS3 and PC though. I remember playing this one too. Good times!

Dlacy13g2747d ago

Man I loved the original Choplifter! I am definitely down for this game.

theaceh2747d ago

Can't wait for this game to come out!! Huge fan since the Master System days !!!