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SegmentNext - "The presentation of the game is wonderful but it’s let down by merely ‘functional’ and often frustrating combat mechanics."

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Therealspy032696d ago

The combat is pretty weak. I think the developers made this game for people that are more interested in story and setting than gameplay. which is actually a li'l strange cuz it's a VERY unforgiving game.

Jacks_Medulla2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I disagree; I have really been enjoying the gameplay.

smilydude132696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I actually think the combat is one of the stronger parts of the game. Most of his critiques seem to be minor nitpicks, such as the lack of tutorial and not being able to look at the controls in game, or just plain vague and not explained upon, such as his critique of the combat being only "functional" and "frusterating". The most he touched on that was Geralt taking too long to dodge (which strikes me odd because Geralt has always felt very responsive to me.) or the targeting reticule which can target somebody behind you instead of in front of you, which can easily be rectified by simply pressing ALT as that locks you to your target. Sounds like he was throwing himself into throngs of enemies while playing it like a button mashing hack & slash, and then being surprised.

I think he docked points excessively. I think a good deal of his critiques are due to either his ignorance of the game mechanics or ineptitude game play wise with some of them just being nitpicks in my opinion. If he had mentioned some of the more glaring problems with the game play like the overpowered Quen, underpowered Alchemy, and shorter length than that of The Witcher 1 (Although I doubt he'd know that, seeing as how he seemingly never got past the first part of The Witcher 1) I would take his review more seriously.

yamzilla2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Combat for me, i like way better than mass effect or dragon age, they are both so easy, the witcher 2 on normal, you actually have to block, use potions and signs or you get your ass handed to you, i don't think i ever died in mass effect 1 or 2 at all....mass effect part 1 was sooo much better , yet still very rpg-lite :(

Therealspy032696d ago

mass effect is a shooter though. i'll give you dragon age, the combat in that game is junk. like playing an MMO without the MMO.

yamzilla2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

mass effect is like a crappy third person shooter, without the space opera back drop and the psudeo rpg fluff, it would be a crap game, it would be like playing red faction armagedon without any destructiveness against the same 3 enimies over and over

i loved mass effect 1 for it's uniquesness, but instead of taking it further, making it better, like the witcher 2 over the witcher 1, bioware went backwards and made a crappy shooter with some tiny little pieces of rpg in it

ohhh well....

the witcher 2 is so awesome, glad to see the console peeps will get to play it too


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gta_manic2696d ago

After a few hours of getting killed, I understood the combat as not a hack and slasher with some potions and magic spells, but as a very tactical and strategic gameplay. You need to be cleaver with opponents and prepared for monsters with books and using potion and good use of signs. Once I got into the combat everything just clicked an I've been through the game twice and onto a third time.

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