New Screens of Final Fantasy XIII-2: Serah a Playable Character

Despite the numerous Final Fantasy games out, Final Fantasy XIII is only going to be the second game in the series to receive a true sequel. Final Fantasy X was the first and frankly, the sequel was a bit disheartening. Let's just hope that FFXIII-2 can change that trend. In order to get us a bit more exited for the game, Square-Enix has released two new screens that reveal quite a bit of information.

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Cwalk8162792d ago

Serah was the coolest character you couldn't use, if that makes sense. Adding her into the mix is a great addition!

iamtehpwn2792d ago

If you look closely in the background, they're fighting inside of a town. You can see houses.

Cwalk8162792d ago

I'm...not sure what that has to do with anything.

DangerousDanMcGrew2792d ago

It means there may be towns, less linearity. Which is nice.

rmoar2792d ago

If they add more freedom that would be a big bonus. The last thing we need is another 20 hour linear tunnel sequence.

Tdmd2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I found Jihl Nabaat (aka, Boobzila) way cooler! Too bad she was also incredible neglected.
Rosh was also cooler. Imo, Serah looked just as appealing as Vanille.

Anyway... to each, their own.

If the whole thing were more like Gran Pulse and less like the rest of the game, it would be a HUGE selling point, not just a bonus! Here's hoping it is! :)

Istanbull2792d ago

Lol who the f*ck was Serah, I beat the game but characters were horrible outside a few.

TheFodi2792d ago

The last time Final Fantasy tried to do a sequel with X-2 it sucked. I don't expect anything better from XIII-2.

honestpizza2792d ago

Dont hate me, but i liked X-2

DangerousDanMcGrew2792d ago

Same here, who doesn't love Yuna's completely surreal running style?

silkrevolver2792d ago

The gameplay for X-2 was actually awesome... the story was just meh.

Ingram2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

It's because of people like you voted with their wallets on that dung, we former fans of squeenix were peed on our heads.

Of course I hate you, all of you and your need of further **cking me through your tasteless feedback to Squeenix, are you all out of your minds? Have you ever finished Vagrant Story, any of you?

/End sour rethoric

Tdmd2792d ago

Can't help it... I hate you!

Just kidding, obviously. ;]

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Troll-without-Bridge2792d ago

For gamers whose main focus is the gameplay, FFX-2 is one of the best final fantasy titles of all time.

darthawesome902792d ago

If by gameplay your talking about the battle system, customization, and music then you're right.

Sadly X-2 was too girly even for girls. It was obviously aimed at young girls. It left most guys and girls that have already hit puberty out in the cold.

AceofStaves2790d ago

The gameplay in X-2 was easily its strongest feature. I've always enjoyed the Job System mechanic, and it was implemented brilliantly in X-2.

It's too bad that the story and characterizations were so average.

ShinnokDrako2792d ago

I liked X-2, i liked the job system and the abilities etc =O But i haven't any hope for XIII-2, i didn't like at all the XIII.

-Gespenst-2792d ago

Urgh FFX-2 hate totally annoys me. It is a good game. It has an excellent story full of mystery and intrigue, the music is stellar and even though it's really varied it still suits the game really well and each piece works with each location and event perfectly. The battling is so much fun and really fast paced.
Also it was amazing to return to Spira and see how it had changed. I think SE created a truly wonderful world with Spira.
I get the impression that there's some sort of stubborn machismo stopping people from liking this game. Which ultimately means repressed homosexuality haha. Embrace the game without stupid presumptions and just play it for what it is. It's an excellent game. I don't really consider it a sequel either. I just consider it together with X.
I've played a pretty staggering amount of rpgs and I can truly say that FFX-2 was one of the most refreshing and awesome ones I've ever played.
Sure it seems a little bit more light hearted than X, but it's actually a pretty serious game. And how is the whole idea of Vegnagun not the coolest thing ever?!

Ingram2792d ago

It's not "Stupid Machismo" you piece of... prepubescent postmodern individual, Even FF-X was quite shallow and linear compared to 7, 6.Don't even get me started on that frivolous X-2, That's a posh fashion parade disguised as an epic, not the other way around as you seem to imply.

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RedDead2792d ago

ANy need for the question mark? This is now confirmed

tomragan2792d ago

Sweet, even though I'm not a big fan of the later FF games, I'm still gonna go for it with this one.

rmoar2792d ago

I was pretty disappointed in FF13, so I don't have high hopes for this.

darthawesome902792d ago

Yeah what I hate most is the fact that the paradigm system is still there so autobattle button mashing it is. So they are not learning from XIII's mistakes.

Also I love a female lead but I'm scared this will turn into another X-2 barbie adventures game.

-Gespenst-2792d ago

Apparently the battle system is revamped in this one. I suspect they're not showing us everything about it in these screens.

I trust this game will be a dramatic improvement on XIII.

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