UNCHARTED Territory: Behind Game Writing with Neil Druckmann

Games today are more akin to movies than the single button and joystick days of yore. With big budgets, bit talent, and fully fleshed out stories, they are letting you interact and play a role, starring in tales of adventure from days of dragons to mystical legends and even in the far reaches of space.

Neil Druckmann is the lead game designer at Naughty Dog, home of the award-winning Uncharted series (it even won our pick for Game of the Year 2009). We spoke with Druckmann about the process of writing for games, his favorite parts, and why they're a unique medium. Oh, we also got a little tease about Uncharted 3 at E3 next week.

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Uncharted3Goty2694d ago

cant wait Naughty Dog you guys Will no doubt own these years E3 and win the Game of the year and most awards there for sure.

thrashermario2693d ago

i love you uncharted a real exclusive, to hell with little kojima and he's overrated garbage mgs.