Are Playstation Plus Members Getting The Shaft?

Couple weeks ago I mentioned on a episode of “Trophy Whores” that I think current PlayStation Plus members were gonna get screwed as a result of Sony’s Welcome back program. The thing in particular that I’m talking about is the mention of 30 days free service for all PlayStation 3 accounts and 60 days free for all current subscribers to the Plus service.

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darthv722789d ago

the feeling of entitlement paid members have of something that is being made available to everyone regardless of membership status. Keep in mind (members only), it is temporary to those who have not joined the club.

If sony really wanted to get people to sign up, they would find ways to take things away (or not introduce them) from those who are freeloaders and really create the "NEED" to be a paid member.

Now is not that time but we shall see as time goes on.

SilentNegotiator2788d ago

I don't care if they're going to give everyone a month of it. They're still giving us TWO additional months and then we'll be back on track from then on out.

I expect this idiotic PSN FUD to continue for years. Some sites will never give up on this crap.

Surfaced2789d ago

I don't think so, because in a few days, everyone will be PS Plus members!

Everyone wins!

extermin8or2789d ago

On Eu plog James said that only members before 21st april will get the beta's ect and that current ps plus members would be getting 70 days instead of 60

TheStonedSheep2789d ago

30 days of PS+, 2 free PS3 games, and 2 free PSP games. I'm happy.

AmigoSniped2789d ago

I am cool with it they are giving away games I never played so awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.