inFAMOUS 2 Demo: Full Playthrough

*audio is a little off* This video is from the new demo on the PS store. All cut scenes are included. The demo shows the extremely tight control with awesome tweaks like a faster gliding.

The gliding is now so fast it feels like flying (almost) Also the small height boost at the beginning of gliding is minor but welcome addition.

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Klaykid1232789d ago

I played the demo, but I was a little disappointed.

I LOVE infamous, but there were Anti-Aliasing problems everywhere. If you were in smoke you were VERY jagged and some cars looked awful. The game in general looks amazing, it's just there are some jagged lines which can make it look ugly.

MintBerryCrunch2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

id put the graphics on par with UC: Drake's Fortune

plus i found the mini-boss fights a little have a lot of power at your disposal, and taking them down didnt take that long


if they are anything like InFamous....then you would be correct...they seem to be bigger and badder this time around

rabidpancakeburglar2789d ago

Yeah but as you said, they are mini bosses. Wait until the main bosses, they will be a bitch to take down no doubt :)

blizzard_cool2789d ago

The difficulty is easy, what'd you expect?

MintBerryCrunch2789d ago

you could change the difficulty setting...i wasnt saying that in terms of the video...i was talking about when i played the demo

and as rabid said...they are mini-bosses...we havent seen what the rest of the game has to offer

TBM2788d ago

Loved every minute of the demo and Tuesday is just around the corner. It looks great, plays great, and I will be having a lot of fun playing this game.

I love picking up cars and flinging them at people hahaha.

No review or peoples hate will stop me from enjoying this beauty of a game.

Klaykid1232788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I was stating my opinion about there being some bad AA in some parts. I said the game looks amazing, in fact I LOVED how it went from the neon lights to the swampy run-down area to quickly! It was AWESOME. The new graphics for the lightning spells look amazing and the gameplay was so fluid and faster than inFAMOUS 1. and

@MintBerryCrunch The mini-boss was way too weak, you just had to lob 3 grenades in the mouth since you have unlimited power....

If you go on a car near the scene after the "rescue the sacrifice" but a little before the mini-boss there are some jagged lines on the cars by the park.. REALLY noticeable.

Another thing, I love how if you do a static shockwave ( L1 + X ) on a tree, it breaks and the leaves fall! And you can take down the balconies and the water towers!! Great destruction!

I did infact love the story teases,


How cole said Empire City is "Gone Now", "destroyed". And the "Anti-Ray Sphere", does this mean Cole will activate it, losing his powers along with killing the Beast???

ElDorado2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The graphics aren't as good as Uncharted 2, but think about it. It's a open world game, it's far more difficult to have that level of graphics on such game. inFamous 2 did an amazing job on the graphics and they improved the gameplay as well. Just play the game on hard if you think it was a bit too easy. It's #1. graphics department open world games on consoles. I'm very impressed. I think the game has surpassed it's predecessor from what I have played.

colonel1792789d ago

They might not look as good as Uncharted 2, and probably because of the open world, but they look beautiful, and they are like 300% improvement over Infamous 1.

I don't know what game Gamepro played, because the game is fun, looks great, and plays as well as infamous 1. So far, based on the demo, I give this game a 9/10

ElDorado2789d ago

I agree man. From what I've played (beta and the demo) it's at least a 9, but I haven't played the full game so I can't say. Maybe it's even more than a 9. GamePro and PS3 don't go along very well. They are idiots. They gave Crackdown 2 the same score, can you believe that crap?

Peaceful_Jelly2788d ago

is weird for Gamepro to underscore this game because they have an habit to overrate big games releases.

stephmhishot2789d ago

I just hope there isn't too many "follow the NPC" missions. That chick who was up for sacrifice died on me a few times because she literally ran into the bad guys as I was chucking bombs at them. Hopefully the AI is a little better in the retail release.

Klaykid1232788d ago

Omg I know, my lightning bolt was aimed at the Spider-Monster thing and it homed in on her... TWICE. Pain in the ass!! Also, I would run infront of her and she would stop and I'd need to run back to continue.. Annoyinnnggg.

The Meerkat2789d ago

I haven't played it. But from what I see in this video the city looks a little underpopulated.

As I don't know the story i'm guessing there is a reason for that. I.e. Is the city empty because of Zombies, monsters, aliens etc.

VonBraunschweigg2789d ago

Pick up a car, throw it far away and try to blast it out of the sky with another car. With one lucky shot I was able to hit a airborne telephonebooth with a lanternpost, hundreds of yards away. This game is going to be so much fun=)

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