In 5 Minutes – It’s Never As Good As You Remember

It’s the show that is almost as popular as that video on Youtube where a Monkey Rapes a Goat, it’s In 5 Minutes! Dan and Nik cover the latest news in (around about) 5 Minutes, sometimes more…. always more.

On today’s show the guys cover:

Sony’s PlayStation Store’s return (well sort of)
Activision’s announcement that there will be a new paid subscription called Call of Duty: Elite
Duke Nukem Forever’s launch trailer gets released and Carmageddon is returning…. But will they be as good as we remember?
And the NGP gets a name that sounds suspiciously like a biscuit or somebody’s lady parts.

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MintBerryCrunch2699d ago

goes to youtube and types in "Monkey rapes a goat"

im going to hell -__-

nikebee2699d ago

Meh, we're coming with you - it's a pretty damn funny video.

Also you win at the internet... simply for having the most amazing name ever ^_^