Breaking News Video From CNN: Poor PS3 Sales

CNN's Charles Hodson asks gaming industry expert Rob Fahey why Sony's Playstation 3 is selling so poorly.

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TheXgamerLive4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

The truth of sony and co. is an inevitable. However software sales aren't where sony is making it's money, not with the ps3 anyways, ps2, now that's another story. But ps3........................... .......silence................. chirps.

4881d ago
montavious4881d ago

So basically what he's saying is waste MORE of your time and money on the PS3. Don't ever listen to reality, don't ever take facts seriously. Were you ever part of the Bush admininstration, cause you'd fit right in. Support your console based on facts not a bunch of crap and call others Morons!

neogeo4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

who approved this. Need I say who owns CNN?

Twilightx74881d ago

According to your link, AOL Time Warner owns CNN, but then again, this article is from April 2003. Based on your evidence here, I fail to see any point you might be making.

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skagrerrrr4881d ago

but the ps3 is an excellent game console, it maybe sony's marketing strategy that's to blame.

WIIIS14881d ago

How is PS3 an excellent gaming console if it does not have many great games and the multiplatform games are generally inferior?

PS3 might become an excellent gaming console in the near or faraway future, but until that hypothetical situation becomes a reality, PS3 now is a terrible gaming console but a great cheap blu-ray player.

mentalboy114881d ago

maybe you've never played a playstation 3 so you can just shut the F up.(its hard to refrain from cursing as his stupidity is beyond belief)

sak5004881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

I've played games like RFOM and MS and its still a POS console with cheap plastic controllers which feel like kids toy.

skagrerrrr4881d ago

as transparent as I can, it's just that marketing strategies are the vehicle in which these games & game consoles reach the end user/gamer

Shankle4881d ago

What problem do you have with the controllers? They're great! Are they too light for you? Is it a bad thing that they're light? Are you going to try to tell me that xbox controllers are better and not made of "cheap plastic"? PS3 controllers have lithium ion batteries in for a start, which straight away beats xbox's AAs or £10 battery pack. (In case you didn't figure it out, that's one of the reasons it's lighter too.) The ps3 d pad is better and easier to reach. The whole controller is waaaay less bulky. The 360 controllers are less of an eyesore than the last xbox but they still ain't pretty.
If you want a bulkier, heavier, uglier ps3 controller then you can always get a 3rd party one.

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D3acon4881d ago

Or it could be they don't really know what they're talking about. PS3 is ahead of the ps2 when it first launched. Maybe I just read all the good reports like Ps3 saling out on amazon, 960% sales increase and its not even christams yet. I don't believe its too far off from the first year the 360 launched.

I'll just sit back and watch history repeat itself. I remember the poor sales and non-exsistant software the ps2 had, all the difficulty in programing. Today the ps2 is the highest grossing game console.

Death4881d ago

I would say that the software for the PS3 has been better than the first year for the PS2, but the PS2 sold fantastic it's first year out. The biggest problem they faced was hardware shortages. Take a look at this link and you can see the amount of console shipped. Keep in mind these numbers are slightly higher than sold through numbers.


Thugbot1874881d ago

As stated time and time again. It does not matter that the PS3 is on track or is doing better than the PS2 at launch. The reason and it’s very simple, the PS2 didn’t have any competition, and so it could run at its own pace with no worries as long as it kept gaining ground. This time around Microsoft has a year lead and continues to put distance between the two consoles each month it out sells Sony. A large install base is what publishers want to see and compared to Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony just isn’t up to par. The larger the install base the more likely the console is to have a large diverse library of games which attracts in the end gamers of all types. So please save all of our brain cells and quit trying to make this argument. Sony has to sell at twice that of Microsoft if it wants to catch up.

SRuN44881d ago

Read somewhere today with those new financial reports that the PS3 has sold 5.6M world wide, which is about the same as the X360 over the same span and I dont remember hearing how the X360 was doing so horrible.

I think most people expect the PS3 to be a jaggernaught out of the gate selling 20M a year or something like that when it's just not gonna happen for a year or two more, and seriously by then it could be too late. People compare the sales of the PS3 to the PS2 WAY too much IMO, expecting it to pick up where the last gen left off..

wil4hire4881d ago

If the ps3 sold the same amount next year, that it did this year... that would be 11.2 million. Which is the exact same amount the 360 did...

Where is the... poor sales part?

AllanWakker4881d ago

Same old, same old.

Exact same stories once in a while back in the first year of the PS2. Just sit back and enjoy R&C, Folklore,etc..we all know how this movie ends...

KINGDRAMA4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

The reason is there was no next gen hardware to compare the 360 to.

fact of the matter is ps3 is doing remarkably well with stiff competition in wii's pricepoint( i had to get one becuz of price..........but lately theres a fvcking game system has now been off for like 3 months). Then theres the 1 year head start by 360. in comparison the ps3 is doing mighty fine regarding the competition and the slew of ports that its getting. THOUGH ILL BE THE FIRST TO SAY that 95% percent of the first party titles are MUST owns.

ps3 is fine for a 1 year old system.Go ahead and make a list of sales/must have titles/graphic/audio accomplishments/whatever else you wanna add and compare both the 360's and ps3's FIRST YEAR(WHILE REMEMBERING THE 360 LAUNCHED WIT NO RIVALS IN THE MARKET). Then compare whos on good grounds.
The 360(kia sophia) had a head start off the line, but the Ps3(Ferrari)
is starting to gun the engine. The race is far from over. WE ALL KNOW THIS, JUST LOOK AT THE GAMES COMING OUT.

consider all this bullsh1t viral marketing.supported by xbots spewing hate on all forums accross th einternet. ps2 died a many deaths according to analysts/gamers way back when. Their thinking was proved wrong. lol ps1.... same sh1t. Sit back and let history repeat itself.

@#11.1: get your facts straight. mgs3 ALONE SOLD 15 mill on ps2.

onewinedangel4881d ago

Ps3 has sold the same amount of consoles(worldwide) the xbox 360 sold during its first financial years which mean it has sold better cause it hasnt been a year since its launch and if u want to look it in this way it has had no games until Rachet and clank as conclusion ill say that sony will win again due to the blu ray sup´remacy better tech and greph(yes idiot if u doubt it just name three games that look better than rachet and clank or NGsigma or GT5 or HS or Lair or that at least run natively at 1080p 60fps60 from ur crappy console)

Dreamworker4881d ago

xbox360 was not market leader like ps2 was. xbx360 has a big lead now.

Grim4881d ago

Well it's not as if the 360 has set the world on fire with its sales up til now, and the PS3 in its first year is still behind that of the 360's first year. The Wii is trouncing the other 2 even though its not my cup of tea.

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TheXgamerLive4881d ago

It wasn't to be found at most markets for the first 7 months. Sales would of been much larger during that period.

But, lets wait until this holiday season is over and look at numbers them. Should be quite interesting I'll bet.

PirateThom4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

The PlayStation 3 wasn't seen in its biggest market for 5 months after launch. Europe didn't get the PS3 for Christmas, this year will be the first... how is this going to end?

Edit: I'm not sure how anyone can disagree with fact. The PS3 launched in Europe in March...

DrWan4881d ago

yah the xbox had NO competition last year. Sony is doing well with 3 horses already out, if Xbox came out the same time as Sony, story would be different. You gotta take the competition into account and then now u look at how sony's doing, not too bad.

KINGDRAMA4881d ago

it was sold out becus there were no other next gen systems.

wii is sold out becus of gimmick and price.

Raiden4881d ago

First of all stop the comparisons, the PS3 and X360, if you really want to make a compare, then the PS3 should not be on the market at the moment, when the PS2 was first on the market, the only other console was DC (Dreamcast) which was just as powerful as the PS2 but could not compete with the marketing push that Sony gave the PS2 was never before seen for a console in gaming history, hype rules all, Sony hype killed the DC three later, MS enters the console race about 3 and half yrs later and by that time Sony had a massive advantage, so my friend for those who remember what happened back will understand, the next time those PS3 fans try to defend the yr advantage of the 360, just say no contess, 3yrs launch between PS2 and Xbox, if Xbox had been launch at the same time thinks would be different, in fact i'm sure that the Xbox would have destroyed the PS2 in one word XBOX LIVE the PS2 network never got of the ground, even DC network was better, online out of the box. So a yrs is not long in gaming industry, so let the chips fly, PS3 owners you may think that i'm been bias but i like everyone to be happy not lied too, out of all of my 21 friends 3 have PS3 and 2 have x360, i think that in time the power of the PS3 will arrive but not at the moment, in the game industry power means nothing, movies may sell but game developer can afford to spend 80mill or around price to dev a game that may never sell. look lair apart from PS3 mag every mag has called this game a beautiful error in gaming looks good plays like the dev forgot and the controls and more, question how much did factor 5 spend, MGS4 will i don't want to imagine how much was spent but with the rumors of MS in talks with Konami about MSG4 and almost finalising the port of the white engine to 360, i mean can you believe that Konami wants MS to pay what it cost to make the game for PS3 in order to port the 360. That says the game is more ready. Why is it not released.

DeckUKold4881d ago

that was ONE year after ps2 and 360 came out ONE year after ps3

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