Wipeout 2048 Demos NGP/PS3 Cross-Platform Play

NowGamer: Sony has confirmed that games for the upcoming NGP/PS Vita handheld will support cross-platform multiplayer...

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Just_The_Truth2695d ago

just read this on the psblog up to 8 players cross platform! imagine what the future holds.

blumatt2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Yeah imagine if the new CoD game for the NGP allows this feature!! You could have some of your friends playing the PS3 version and some of you playing the NGP version. You could play against each other no matter where you're at. School, work, or play.

CoD cross platform play (PS3 and NGP) would be a SYSTEM SELLER for the NGP. Imagine if they were to release MW3 for the NGP as well as the PS3/360, but the PS3 and NGP users could play against each other. People would eat that up! You could be on the bus going to work and play Team Deathmatch with your friends who are on there NGP's and PS3's. That would be a HUGE selling point for getting one of Sony's versions of the game.

darthv722694d ago

I always wondered why they didnt have this with the psp. Even for mini's or specific psn games that play on both the psp and ps3.

Good to know they see a market for cross platform play. It shows there is one step closer to a convergence between portable and console gaming.

Next step is a unit that doubles as BOTH. Cant wait. The only system that really did that was the Sega Nomad.

blumatt2694d ago

Yeah, I can't wait until the day the PlayStation home console and portable unit is just ONE and the same. Maybe by the time the PS5 comes out, it will be just one thing. It will have a screen and then you take it home and plug it into the TV and play with a DualShock. That would be sick! [and expensive] haha

MagicAccent2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

WHOHO0! New Wipeout!

I wonder if you buy them cross console as well.. Hope so :)

skyward2695d ago

Imagine if you can just buy an NGP/Vita game and it just worked on the PS3 in HD?

Pillage052694d ago

something tells me it won't work that way...'cause ngp games would have to be the same price as full console games for that to make any sense. perhaps buy a $40 ngp game and you can only play it on ngp...but buy the $60 ps3 version and get a free download for the game for the ngp?

I suppose it is possible ngp games will be $60 though.

Cadence2694d ago

Cross-Platform is the future is all i can say NGP+PS3=Cross-Platform Play+me=Damn right am getting one.

Ddouble2694d ago

Just take my money already