Iron Man Q&A

Many comic-book fans are also videogame players. When a comic-book license is tied to a major motion picture, you can be certain a videogame will follow. So it came as no shock to learn that SEGA was working on an Iron Man game to coincide with the movie coming to theatres May 2, 2008. Superhero games haven't fared well over the past year, with numerous releases having been panned by critics and fans. How does SEGA plan to ensure Iron Man breaks the mold and is both a commercial and critical success? IGN spoke with Justin Lambros, Vice President, Interactive, Marvel Studios and Executive Producer on Iron Man.

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Solid_Skip4874d ago

like always superhero games sucks this game will probably be bad too. so hopefully they can prove us wrong.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great superhero game. But yes, most have sucked - particularly games based on movies. However, this movie is looking great,... like you said: maybe they can prove us wrong.

user94220774575d ago

man this game rules so hard!