Why Super Mario Galaxy Will be as Revolutionary as Super Mario 64

Gameplayer has just played the first two hours of Super Mario Galaxy and were rather blown away by the experience. They believe that it could have the same revolutionary effect on the industry as Super Mario 64, and have detailed their reasoning in this article.

"Imagine 2D Mario is standing at the start of 1-4 in the his side-scrolling days. Now turn the world sideways and into 3D, much like you do in Super Paper Mario. Now knock down the walls and send that platform in an upwards arc, spiraling into a barrel roll before slowly swirling inwards bringing you with each convoluted orbit closer to the planet at the centre of the world, where your enemy resides."

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Kuest4877d ago

I make a quick shuffle over to my Wii console and kiss it. This is WHY I became a gamer! To be taken across exotic locales in an epic adventure. Nothing can beat Mario (except Zelda).

Its all thanks to Nintendo's genius. No matter what path they take... I'll be with them. Just don't stray too far, Miyamoto!

JosefTor4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Let me start off by saying I am a huge Mario and Zelda fan. This game kind of makes me sad. I like to be immersed (sp) in a level and to feel that when I am in a level it is a totally different environment then the last. Although Im sure that each 'planet' is different then the last... for one... it seems like the levels are too short to get intimately involved with (unlike mario 64 where there were a lot of objectives per level) and... the background plays too big a part that instead of feeling like you are in a unique level... it feels like just another planet cuz the background is so prevalent and all encompassing. I hope I am wrong cuz I can't wait to get this game. Just a thought.

After looking at some more screenshots I do see that the second half of my comment doesn't exactly hold up. Some levels do appear to fully immerse the gamer. I just hope that the levels are not short like one review pointed out.

IQUITN4G4877d ago

I still play Mario 64 because it's like a giant playground full of near enough infinite things to do.If Galaxy can redefine what's already laid down by SM64, then this is going to be one very great game.

JosefTor4877d ago

Yeah... I play Mario 64 all the time still too. It is my favorite DS game and even my favorite Wii game.

IQUITN4G4877d ago

I think Nintendo know they can't afford to screw this one up.Mario Sunshine was neat enough but quite disapointing in that it didn't do much apart from add what was essentially a gimmick for most.I also had some control issues when trying to cartwheel jump into air (wasn't always 100% and i know i'm pretty acurate with my directions), and this was something that never happened in SM64 for me.

Nintendo themselves went on record as saying that Sunshine didn't measure up to the standards people were expecting, so i think they wont let us down.

Sunshine was still rather good in my books but i eventually got rid of it, knowing i would always play SM64 anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.