OXM: Is Brink working yet?

Has Splash Damage ironed out all the bugs? Is Brink finally the game we were promised at release? OXM mulls over some freshly captured video.

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dirigiblebill2788d ago

I expect quite a few have traded it. Be a shame if they fixed everything only to find that there are no players left...

DavidMacDougall2788d ago

I traded it for £27. The game should be working out the box end of.

wallis2787d ago

Is Brink working yet?

It's fun but it could be so much better. And MacDougall is right, it should be working out of the box. You can't sell someone a TV with a broken screen and tell them it's okay, it'll get fixed in an indeterminate amount of time in the near future.

T-K47x2787d ago

Exactly and you should have seen the Brink forums when it was first released it was full of fanboys who couldn't stand the sight of Brink getting negative comments. I did have high hopes for this game as it looked a good shooter to hold me over until fall 2011 but it just felt rushed and incomplete.

PandaJenkins2787d ago

The game itself is great, there is just been some issues. The lag is mostly gone now, I just have issues finding games with enough players is all.