E3 2011: Uncharted: Golden Abyss Is Why the NGP Exists - IGN

Nathan Drake is going to show you why you have to own Sony's new portable.

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MasFlowKiller2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

"The biggest compliment I can give Uncharted: Golden Abyss is that it makes me believe in the NGP."

Nice to know your keeping a open mind "journalist", lol

xYLeinen2700d ago

Nice to know your keeping a open mind "journalist", lol

Made me laugh >_>

Foxgod2700d ago

Hopefully this systems will see many spin off titles from ps3 series.

I would be dissapointed if it would rain ports on this thing.
Uncharted will hopefully set a trend to release spinoffs and new ip's.

LocO_o2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Uncharted NGP game.

NGP name is Vita.

MGS Pace Walker Coming to the PS3.

Gears of War Exile is also Move game.

Heavenly Sword 2 @ E3 Developed by Santa Monica

Please no more leaks - I want to be surprised at E3