Eye Of Judgment Cards Copyable

Kotaku's Mike Fahey demonstrates how Eye of Judgment cards can be easily and successfully copied, printed, duplicated and scanned into the game. Fahey uses a Biolith Bomber card as an example, and predicts it is only a matter of time before hi-rez card scans appear for download on the web.

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rofldings4876d ago

what the fuk.

I'm not getting this game anymore; /

Hapimeses4876d ago

Erm, why? Your comment doesn't seem to make any sense. Are you being ironic?

Real Gambler4876d ago

Even if you stack your deck with 30 photocopies of Ultra Rare cards, you will get killed by someone with the most simple deck.

The more powerful the card is, the more mana you need to play it. You get only 2 mana per turn. So if you have one that need 8 mana to play, you can only play it after 4 turns, if you don't do anything else. During those 4 turns, your opponent will already have 4 squares occupied (with lowlife 1 or 2 mana cards) . Remember, you win if you get 5 squares... Quite a head start isn't it?

So you still have to have a decent mix of small cards and only the odd big gunners here and there. You get that quickly with a few booster pack.

Trust me, game will still be fun anyway. See you online.

BTW, bought mine at Future Shop, in Canada, for $59.99. It's online, and in the flyer until friday. For that price, I quite a good deal.

And yep, as you may have seen in most review, the cable is rather short. But everything else is also true. It does detect the cards flawlessly in a split second. Awesome game.

Snukadaman4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

There are some very valid points being made about this problem..1..people cheat...2..people wont be buying the booster cards which in turn might make the developers not make no more cards...3..why buy a game that no one supports....I must say...this was a game of strategy and now with cards being copied there goes that strategy out the window.....lets all be honest is another example of sony rushing out products too counter anything microsoft has for this holiday...people were told they couldnt copy the cards and now look what happens....ohh and someone call me a xbot...if microsoft was as innovative and thought this up and the exact same thing happend I would say the exact same thing stick it where the sun dont shine.

maybe you didnt see where I said the eyetoy was innovative...look difference from most people is i recognize microsoft sucks with their hardware...having 3 out of 2 machines rrod you know. hell the only thing im quite positive on is that hd-dvd add on I recently bought..I welcome being on your ingore list kid..because your blind anyways.

Armyless4876d ago

You're not fooling anyone.

Armyless4876d ago

each card would have had a unique identifier, register your booster pack when you open it and the cards become playable.

abuze4876d ago

I bought the game yesterday and there is not a posible way to cheat during an online battle by suposly using duplicated cards... there is 4 type of cards for example: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Super rare cards. You need to register 30 max cards b4 you go online and battle. The computer saves your registered Deck and gives you 5 random cards for you to start with and he also randomly draws cards for you wenever it is your turn. YOU cannot choose any card you wish because if you do and place down a card on the bored, it will be called "illegal card" and wont allow you to continue. You can only register 3 repeated monster cards(if you have 3 of the same card) but there is some cards that only allows you to register only ONE per Deck and those are mostly the rare and super rare cards. So even if you duplivate your most powerful card 10x IT WONT WORK during Deck registration and wont work if you even try to summon that card again. This Game is Freakin Awesome!

Bleyd4875d ago

is a great idea. In a world where IPv6 is coming out for the Internet and is already working in many areas this is definitely a possibility. IPv6 is capable of giving every man, woman, child, computer, printer, and whatever other network device you want an individual and unique address. The game looks for updates before you can play the game so it's possible that they could implement this for future cards and just make the game backwards compatible with the starter deck.

Armyless4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

And then you call ME blind? Ignore me if you want, seems kind of irrational, but you're the one putting blinders on.

Snukadaman4875d ago

The point is am I suppose too praise the I have too say anything positive every time I comment on the I my posts....I dont even barely mention xbox 360...I have praised hd-dvd and that add on I recently where in my posts do I say xbox 360 games are superior the anything ps3 has...I dont own a ps3 but there are plenty of reasons not too own one.

Armyless4874d ago

You're not fooling anyone. I'll let your quotes do the talking...

"no where in my posts do I say xbox 360 games are superior the anything ps3 has"

"im a xbox fan"

"the blame falls mostly on sony with their shortsightedness"

"start buying games you sony fanboys..thats the only way sony gets out of debt"

"With most of the problems on the ps3..."

"lair aint even in the top 10 of ps3 sales of software in uk."

"you (PS3) kids are seriously looking for more people too blame for your problems."

"Pretty depressing considering the ps3 was the lead console in this game"

"you do enough research you can find that most all ps3 games are complained about"

"sony fanboys that dont want too speak on reality"

"anyone else think 2 to 1 aint that immpressive considering the ps3 got the price drop and xbox didnt?"

"I just think its naive that people think psn will be free forever."

That was easy, thank you.

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rofldings4876d ago

because people can easily cheat.

...and "being ironic"

wtf? lol.

Hapimeses4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

No, they can't cheat. The game will remain balanced no matter the cards people claim to have or not. All printing the cards will do is save you having to buy them in boosters and starter packs, negating the long-term business model of the game.

So, not a problem for the game, just a problem for the sales of the cards.

WilliamRLBaker4876d ago

Um wrong, they can cheat.

One of the problems with games like yu gi oh, pokemon, dual masters...ect is these super powerful cards that instead of being super rare we're common and allow for pretty much any one to win.

Say a card is released in a limited edition of say 200? copy print and you got the most powerful card....hence cheating.

rushbd4875d ago

I dont think so. because the cheating thing you guys are talking about from other card games dont work here. Copying special cards will give you very little advantage. because you cant have unlimited special cards. everything is controlled and maintained. Dont comment before trying it out on your own. everything is not what it seems in internet.

Hapimeses4876d ago

Well, I'm a collector, so this doesn't affect me at all; however, it will almost certainly affect sales, which isn't ideal for the future of the game.

DrWan4876d ago

Well the booster packs haven't come out yet right? So why u guys all worried? the beginning packs are all the same, aren't they? As long as the code protect and make you register some sort of codes along with the online deck in future booster and theme packs then problem solve.

HarryEtTubMan4876d ago

God no matter how creative the are and how hard they try people want to find SOMETHING of god ANYTHING wrong. This doesnt mean u can cheat the game u cant... this means u can get cards more cheapily and easier.

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