Still Life and Still Life 2 Released on STEAM this Week for 20% Off

Developer Meridian4 is releasing Still Life and Still Life 2 this week on STEAM. For the first week only, the two games will be available for 20% off of their listed prices. The games just became available for download today from STEAM for $9.99 a piece, and $7.99 if you act within the week.

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TheFodi2791d ago

I dunno about a game with a female heroine. Sounds kind of...girly. She does seem to have a large gun though, and that is endearing her to me.

pungello19882791d ago

Not a bad deal, good find

bakagaijin782790d ago

Still life is a good adventure game, but Still Life 2 is rather bad. I really enjoy a good adventure game (Longest Journey/Dreamfall & Syberia being some of my faves), but I was really disappointed with SL2, especially since I paid $20 for it upon release. I don't think I'd even pay $3 for it TBH.

Still Life, on the other hand, is a good deal at $8.

BeastlyRig2790d ago

Steam sales up,down,left & right! There is no escape!!