CVG: inFamous 2 Review

Sequels are often lumbered with the burden of living up to their predecessors, but inFamous 2 carries even more weight of expectation.

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Kon2748d ago

Not my kind of game, but looks very good nonetheless.

LarVanian2748d ago

I can't understand why people are disagreeing with you, especially since you praised the game.

Gobstoper2748d ago

Of course it isnt it says sony on the box.

elite-shot2748d ago

people are disagreeing not because they thinnk what you said was bad or wrong but becaus they disagree that it's not THEIR kind of game, if they agreed they'd be saying it wasn't their kind of game. Not all disagree's mean the comment is bad.

Killzone3___2748d ago

i would disagree with him because he always troll , but i agreed to him so he can have more bubbles :) , i hate when i see someone only have one bubble ..

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Kantor2748d ago

Nice review, and a brilliant-looking game.

On a side note, I'm really liking CVG's new design as well.

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xdye0172748d ago

i think the custom user content may change your decision

GusBricker2748d ago


Don't care.

Finish the single player, then return it.

Far too many games to play this year.

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nycredude2748d ago

hope you have a lot of time to play cause the single main story is over 20 hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.