Gamefly: Good News for Impatient East Coast Gamers

Via Ripten:

"Gamefly, the gamer's equivalent of Netflix, is boasting new lighting fast shipping times with the announcement of their new Pittsburgh shipping location. They are also promising more shipping locations in the future."

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SEMINOLE4874d ago

Wasn't this announced like 6 months or more ago? I know I read this before somewhere, as a matter of fact it was one thing that got me thinking about canceling a GameznFlix account in Feb/March.

Just did a quick research, it was reported by Joystiq March 29th, but was not officially announced..........I guess until now. I am curious to hear from East Coasters how things are now. It sucked (slow) when I had it and it was CA only.

Nostradavis4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

You are correct. It was not made official until now. A girl can say she is a good cook, but it's not official until you make it through the week without contracting food poisoning.

: )

gen16804874d ago

For a little while but now the turn around times are worse then ever.

Nostradavis4874d ago

What other option do we have really? If we support them then maybe they can continue to grow and be able to better serve our needs as gamers. It seems that they are trying...

Twizlex4874d ago

No, this was definitely official before "now". I actually just canceled my GamezNFlix account and re-upped with Gamefly a month and a half ago, mainly due to my brother telling me about how much faster he gets his games now that the Pittsburgh center opened. I checked it out and it was clear as day on their website, so I don't see how it wasn't "official" until now.

By the way, GamezNFlix totally sucks in comparison to Gamefly. I've gone 3 weeks without any games from them before - their stock just plain blows. I'm in NC right now and Gamefly gets games to me in about 2 days. Much better than the week plus it used to be. SEMINOLE, I say cancel and go back to Gamefly. It's worth the extra money, plus you can use Brightspot to cut the costs and make it more comparable.

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zsscommand4874d ago

Do they have a location in the midwest, cause I was a member of Gamfly for about 6 months but the turn-around time was crap, so I cancelled.

orcabear4873d ago

Can someone tell me why Netflix does not get into the gaming market?
If and when that happens I'll defiantly get a subscription. Sometimes I like to watch movies other times Video games I think it’s a no”brainer”. I spend enough on media entertainment I really don’t wish to have two bills for the same type of service.

Twizlex4872d ago

That's essentially what GamezNFlix is, games and movies. It's pretty cheap, but the turnaround for games totally blows. I had blockbuster online and Gamefly, and I was hoping I could just use this and cancel the other two, but like I said - it blows. Now I'm back with Gamefly and still with blockbuster online. You could try it; maybe it will work better for you.